When you’re on track, but not the same one

It’s a funny old world social media, and the way things can change overnight. When I mean overnight, I mean us, not the platforms.

When we believe in ourselves and the path we’re on, we don’t think about any other paths appearing or the want for change, but when I decided to change things up this month, well, let’s sum it up…

I want to bring new things to the blog and my social media accounts, as many of you know and I’m trying to focus my attention this year on two things…

  1. Collaboration
  2. Community

I’ve been interviewed recently, asking me to share my thoughts on why I share others people’s stories and the motivation for this, and it’s down to the term…collaboration.

For so long, well a year and a bit, I focused John’s Road to Volunteering solely on volunteering and the journey I was on. Yet, 2017 is already seeing record high guest bloggers being featured (keep an eye out to see who they are) on John’s Road to Volunteering, and I want the blog to no longer be a blog, but a platform people can share their stories on.

I’m still on track for doing the things I love and helping those who are unheard, but I’m doing this a little different than I first perceived. Is that bad? No! What is bad is the fact I didn’t do this sooner?! I didn’t use my voice to amplify the voice of others.

Have you ever felt like this? Like you should have done something sooner?

That’s the thing. You’ll never know if things should have been done sooner, as that’s the point of a journey. The journey is to make you think about what could have been, to make you think about how far you’ve come and to make you think about what your future holds.

My future holds a lot of community initiatives as well.

I’m looking at what’s currently working for the community, and you’ll see me trying out new things, such as chats, events, public speaking, some Twitter activities, but the way I need to try them is without a distinct destination.

I don’t know where the blog is leading to next, as I don’t know where I’m going next. I need to try things out and hopefully they’ll work. If not, then back to the drawing board (I really can’t draw).

The one thing I do know about what’s coming up is the want to do the most I can.

In future weeks, look out for upcoming news on ideas, actions, and who knows…maybe a few crazy thoughts!


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