Seeing something grow

Do you remember the first time you thought about blogging? I do!

I remember speaking to my partner at the time about blogging, and her suggestion of starting John’s Road to Volunteering was always seen as a joke. Not in an essence of not believing her in the idea, but believing it would last.

2 and a bit years on and I’m now seeing John’s Road to Volunteering grow into something special. John’s Road to Volunteering has had record high engagements and interaction this month, telling me that what I’m doing is the right path for me and the community, but how do you get there?IMAG2647.jpgThink about it like a motorway. Everyone has a destination, but not all will take the same route. Some will look for short-cuts, others will listen to their sat-navs, whilst paper maps will also be used.

Think about all 3 in terms of blogging;

Short-cuts – In blogging, we can at times want things to happen quickly. Have a followers goal you have wanted for so long? Looking for short-cuts to get there?

Blogging takes time. We forget about this. People rush into wanting things out of their blogs, but all blogging successes takes time.


Sat-navs – Do you listen to what other people think works best for you? Seeing what works for someone else is inspiring. It can raise our motivations to succeed, but we have to remember to be our own person. It’s great to see something grow for someone else, but we have to create our own journey to see OUR own blog grow.


Paper maps – One of my favourite way to plan projects is to start with the basics. We’re in a world where so many new apps, platforms and ideas are being created and yet we tend to shy away from the roots of our work. We try and stay up to date with everything, but sometimes it’s not needed.

Sometimes, just our voice and simple content is all we need.


Growing a blog doesn’t have to be a monstrous task, but it should be an enjoyable one. This month has seen so much happen and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it.

That’s why I blog. I love the simplicity of getting your thoughts onto a screen and just seeing the impact it makes through the tweets I receive.

The growth is just an bonus.


3 thoughts on “Seeing something grow

  1. I love your similarities to blogging and a motorway, definitely makes sense when you break it down like that. I love your style of writing and you should be proud of how much you have already acheived in the blogging world aswell everything else. Great post 🙂


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