Loneliness in blogging

Following me on Twitter, you’ll know I love a good poll! I love finding out people’s perceptions in life and when you chose today’s topic I have something recently polled on my account, that I want to bring up.

The other day, 25 out of 76 people stated they either felt excluded from the blogging community or have never felt part of it from the beginning.

This broke my heart when I saw the statistics, as one aspect off blogging I love is the community support and love that’s constantly shared between individuals and groups.

I do understand why people feel excluded though. As someone who felt excluded in the community early in my blogging days, it was tough. I’d question if it was me or whether someone didn’t like me, but I started to learn why.

We think that with so many people in the blogging world, there’ll be people who’ll want to talk, but the case is too many people is a negative point of the blogging world.  OK, I love the fact I have the chance to network with tonnes of people, but not everyone will be relevant in my journey. Not everyone will engage with me; just follow.

Loneliness happens when we see others engaging with their community and building relationships along the way. If you’re feeling excluded, why? Why do you feel excluded?

Feeling excluded down to everyone else building relationships?

Remember yesterday’s post about starting conversations, maybe that could be a starting point. Maybe exclusion is in our mind, as there are people out there who love us and what we do? Maybe it’s all in the mind?

It’s a tricky topic feeling lonely in the blogging world, as it’s something I’ve been through, but now I’m engaging and interacting heavily.

I’m sort of stumped writing today’s post. It’s hard to sit here and define what loneliness is, as we’re all different. We have to remember this when others say they feel they’re on their own.

We don’t really know what this means, but the one thing we can do is reach out and listen (remember this from yesterday?). We can try and help someone overcome their loneliness, but it has to be them that takes the action. Remember that!

We can give someone as much support as possible, but if it stopped, will they go back to the feeling of loneliness?

If you’re reading this and feel lonely, take small steps. Reach out to someone and ask them to listen.  I’m always here to listen, so you’re never on your own, not really.


3 thoughts on “Loneliness in blogging

  1. When I first started blogging, I felt lonely and excluded. In time I found bloggers I can relate to and it has improved a lot. However, those old feelings come back now and then.


  2. I think I can understand where the loneliness comes from. It’s difficult to see others chatting away like old friends whilst no one interacts with you. But that’s probably those people are old friends by now and that started by someone reaching out.

    Reaching out is the best piece of advice that you can give. Just randomly start chatting to someone on Facebook and see where it takes you.


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