Lazy Bloggers

I love how every time I post a poll on Twitter, you guys always seem to pick the topic I most want to talk about. Yesterday’s post about ‘why people quit blogging’ has been one of my all-time most interacted posts, and following on from that is tonight’s topic; ‘Lazy bloggers’.

What even is a lazy blogger? I’m not sure a correct term can be defined, as it’ll depend on person to person, but I will say one thing…

If you’re in blogging, thinking it’s easy, think again!

From time to time, you’ll notice an individual come into the blogging world, will tweet something on the lines of…’Why am I getting no engagement?’. I know a few of you reading have tweeted this, and some have messaged me personally, and I want you to know you’re the reason for a lack of engagement.

I talked yesterday about how much time needs to be committed to see growth in your blog and without  commitment nothing will happen.

No commitment = lack of engagement

You’re not going to become an overnight sensation, just by clicking ‘publish’ or by creating a social media account, you need to put the work in.

‘Lazy bloggers’ to me are individuals who think it’ll all happen for a reason. Nope. Things will happen if you put the effort in, the time to understand your target audience and take your content the distance to bring out every emotion relating to your passions.

Promotion for example takes a lot of time. One tweet and you’re going to get SOME views. Another tweet will get SOME MORE views. You have to understand what RT accounts work for you and bring in the engagement, and how your audience prefer to interact.

So many of us forget this. ‘Newbie’ bloggers and ‘experienced’ bloggers forget at times that to get engagement whether on a post or quite simply on a social media account, we need to understand the individuals and groups in our community. Just posting to me is lazy.

You might agree or disagree with it, but blogging is about the entire experience. The experience of reading a post, interacting with the blogger in some way and engaging in the next post before it even happens.

Do we think about that enough? Do we think about how we’re going to engage others from post to post and what we need to do to keep it when there’s no posts planned or there’s a few days to wait?

Being lazy in blogging isn’t just down to how often you promote or putting in the effort, it’s the understanding.

Blogs don’t progress without a dedicated community around it, and yes, individuals will come and go (I’ve seen this recently), but do you really understand why? Do you understand why people stick around? Why do you even continue doing what you’re doing?

We need to understand;

  • Why we blog?
  • What is our blog’s purpose?
  • How and where we’re going to promote our blog?
  • What our audience want?
  • How we’re going to progress our blog?

The list goes on, but we need to remember that blogging isn’t just one thing. It’s a multitude of different aspects and if we forget one of them…are we lazy?

You tell me…How would you define a ‘lazy blogger’?


10 thoughts on “Lazy Bloggers

  1. Sometimes I think the newbies have little knowledge about what it actually means to blog. They expect that, once they publish, readers would somehow find it. But it doesn’t work that way. Nice piece, John

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  2. I totally agree with you about blogging is about the experience, I’ve definetely learnt so much in almost two years about what works for my blogs engagement and things like scheduling/chats/social medias etc! X

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  3. Great post, John! So much goes into blogging. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to get out of it when I started, just that I knew I needed to do it. The community and friends I’ve made have been the best part so far, and just becoming more comfortable with it and enjoying the process. I’m glad we’re here still doing it. Keep it up as always and thanks for the read!
    XX Jen

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  4. I agree, lazy bloggers are just as you described – those who don’t want to put the work in yet expect to see results. It’s kind of like in real life. If you’re lazy at work, you’ll end up getting fired. While in blogging, you won’t get fired, but you won’t achieve anything without the effort and commitment that it requires.

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  5. Another cracking piece! Blogging takes a lot of time and energy. Also though, for a blog to be a long term success it needs to be interesting, on point and truly inspirational. And I don’t just mean a bunch of pretty pictures. Substance should come before style, but it’s often not the case in my experience…


  6. Completely agree! I think a lot of people – mostly unknowingly and innocently – go in thinking “I want to start a blog” not “I want to enter into a commitment to work hard, learn more, stay up late, engage others and market myself genuinely and consistently”. That said, I think many of us have a moment of realizing we have to do much more than simply publish great content. I’d say a true lazy blogger is someone who knows what needs to be done but can’t be bothered to do it. Another wonderful post, John! xx


  7. We have to put in effort to get the result. And unfortunately people don’t do that. I so agree with this post. If you’re not getting engagement do something about it. Instead of complaining. Another brilliant post.


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