Let’s talk…bullies and jealousy in blogging

The topics these last few days chosen as part of ‘Community Chooses Week’ has opened my mind to some of the pet peeves I have with the blogging world.

When you chose ‘the jealous blogger’ in today’s poll, I was glad. It’s time to speak up and I mean SPEAK UP!

I’ve had enough of the blogging world! Let’s start with this. I’ve had enough of the bitchiness I see on a daily basis by a group of bloggers belittling an individual based on their opinion, their personal life or something else that really has nothing to do with them.

Individuals who bully in the blogging world are BULLIES, and JEALOUS BULLIES! Why do some people think it’s OK to make someone feel worthless? To make people think that they don’t deserve to be a blogger. Why? Why do this?

It gets to points online where one person’s opinion about someone else becomes a gang of bloggers, and then escalates into something ridiculous over something that really shouldn’t be of their concern.

Did you know recently I’ve had criticism? I’ve had people question me in blogger chats and the work charities do. The thought comprising of ‘You work with charities. You know it’s voluntary’. Let me say this…. charities do pay bloggers. Not all, but some do. Some brands don’t pay bloggers, and some do. Why try to explain to me what I do when it’s my blog. It’s my blog and my contribution to society.

Jealous people like this look for ways to judge you. There’ll always be people out there who are looking to cause trouble, but I’m not one to stand down. I’m not one to sit back and see others take the shit that has no meaning or purpose. Those people have my attention and those who are bullying are instantly blocked.

I don’t care if you’re one of my closest friends in the blogging world or have ‘x’ number of followers, you bully, you judge and you belittle someone for being themselves, then you’re out of my community. You’re blocked from seeing my content and you feel the consequences of being one incredible douchebag!

Jealous people are jealous for one reason; you’re an incredible individual. You remember that despite the haters. There are people out there who respect you and will give you the time of day to let you know that. These people are my people. I love surrounding myself with those who support one another and that see the good in others, just like how some people being targeted are those I speak to. I’m speaking to them, getting to know them, and I like them. Whether you agree or disagree is your choice.

We’re not going to get along with everyone in the blogging world, and we certainly don’t need to be jealous because of who someone is.

If someone is doing great things, let them know about it. If you want to reach out to them, reach out.

If you don’t like them, don’t follow them and don’t communicate with them. That’s one thing that pisses me off. Why are people who don’t like each other still communicating? Don’t we recall a thing called the ‘block’ option on Twitter?

Drama is all over the blogging world at the moment and it’s ridiculous. Why are we letting this happen? We see people being damn right rude to others, we tweet about it and yet we’re still following them. Why?

Why are we letting these jealous bullies think they run the blogging world?

Well, I’m not standing back any longer. If you’re reading this and you’re being bullied or have done so, know I’m here. I’m here to listen to you and to let you know that you’re amazing.

On the other hand, if you’ve been blocked on Twitter, I don’t like you. I don’t like you, but I still wish you luck with your blog and the future.

We don’t need to be a vile person, it’s our choice to be.

Rather than making people feel bad about themselves, why not focus on those who you respect and those you want in your life and let others live theirs?


24 thoughts on “Let’s talk…bullies and jealousy in blogging

  1. What a great post! I fully agree that whether you are a blogger or not – if you are online (or offline) and are saying things that belittle another then you are nothing but a bully. Luckily I’ve not encountered any of this yet – and I hope I never do – had enough of that when I was at school!
    We all have a personal choice + responsibility in how we conduct ourselves, online + offline. And if you are prone to being a bully online then remember how in today’s society – potential employers may search for you online + how would you feel if your boss called you into the office and asked you to explain your disgusting behaviour online? It does happen! And it can cost you more than your ego + online ‘gang’. Just be nice people! Play nice! And if all else fails remember this; if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all!

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  2. Thank you for that! I started a food blog in the fall, and had been having a fantastic time posting recipes, photos, telling stories, etc. Then on Christmas Eve, I posted a photo of my beautiful prime rib – and the animal activists came out of the woodwork in full blown attack mode. The little cloud I’d been floating on was ripped out from under me and i was smacked in the face with reality – there are trolls and monsters out there. I have a product to sell, flavored olive oils, so fearing bad publicity, I panicked and blocked them, but I’ll tell you, just thinking about it pisses me off, still! LIve and learn, I guess.


  3. The fact that they are behind a computer screen makes them think that they can just say whatever they want without any regard as to how it may affect another person.
    There is a difference between constructive criticism and plain out being rude and mean. And you are right, if you do not like or agree with a person’s views or lifestyle you do not need to talk to them or follow them on social media, it is as easy as that, unfortunately people find it hard to just come to that simple conclusion.


  4. Thanks for talking about this on your blog, John – it has inspired me to do the same. I can relate to so much of what you say… If we can all support each other we will ALL get further!
    Really love your writing!
    Freya – freyasnook.blogspot.com


  5. I love this post! I cannot stand people who feel the need to belittle and bully other people just because they think they’re better than everyone else. People who bully others from behind the safety of their computer screen are cowardly. I’ve never understood why people follow and comment on the posts of others that they dislike, just unfollow! Is not difficult! Great post, and I love that you’re reminding people of their worth xx



  6. This is a fantastic post. It really shows the truth in the blogging world. Some people take advantage of being behind a computer screen and think they’re able to say anything they like because no one can confront them. Jealousy is another thing that is very prominent as well, whether it’s the numbers or people getting free stuff from brands I always see people get jealous on social media. It’s so upsetting as in the end we should all be doing this for one reason only. Our love of writing should be our motivator.


  7. Such an interesting and thought provoking piece John. I totally agree there’s no room for cliques in the blogging world – they’re counter productive and the negativity is not needed. Also love your writing style btw! xx


  8. I am a relatively new blogger so I haven’t witnessed this but it’s still a great post. I’ve watched YouTube videos of people addressing this and it’s saddening that people think they can say whatever they like because us bloggers share our lives and stories, they believe that gives them the right to say anything & it doesn’t.


  9. Agree that if you don’t like someone, just don’t follow them rather than trying to put someone down. I know all bloggers work hard, most of us have a job aside from blogging, so it’s a real effort to participate in the blogosphere and there’s no room for being a douchebag.
    Maya | londondamsel.co.uk


  10. Thank you so much for speaking out about this! I’ve noticed it a lot recently! Chances are if you don’t like something someone’s doing, you’re not going to be able to influence them to do otherwise. Your best chance is to unfollow and in some cases use the block function!


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