Online life becoming your real life

Have you ever considered how your online interactions are influencing your personal life?

Melissa and I first started speaking some time ago now (I can’t even remember when/how, sorry Melissa), we had similarities that helped to start our friendship. We both have a love for sport, volunteering and blogging and when we met for the first time yesterday, the conversation never stopped.

We’re a pair of tits

I thought about writing this blog post before we met and yesterday really showed how much my online life is becoming my real life.

Is there actually a difference between the two?

Many of my friendship circle are those in the blogging world. I never really had many friends growing up and when I started putting more time into John’s Road to Volunteering, I saw the community grow.

Everyone in the community are my friends and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few and with upcoming event attendances, I’ll be meeting more.

Afternoon Tea with the Queen

Blogging has given me the opportunity to meet my friends and to organise meet-ups in the future, and this is why I’m so open about my personal life. I feel by being open about my life, others who can relate become part of it.

I have something in common with everyone I meet, as like my favourite show ‘Big Bang Theory’. I want to be able to turn to those around me and know they have my back.

Friendships are not only about talking and learning more about one another, but it’s being part of the support network. The JRTV community are my support network and time will come when we meet.

When you want something in your life, you go and get it and those who have met me, I’m so grateful you’re part of my life.

Individuals who were once online connections have become very good friends and this is the most beautiful part of the blogging world. The blogging world brings people together and is the starting point for beautiful relationships.

Have you made any friendships in the blogging world? I’d love to know how blogging has impacted your life!

*All photos were taken by Melissa. Check out her blog here


6 thoughts on “Online life becoming your real life

  1. That is lovely you both met up! Looked a fab day out. Is such a lovely community and have felt have made a great group of friends. I have one blogging bestie in particular-Estelle at Estellosaurus Blog. She has been so lovely to me. Great to see you are making friends too xxx

    Stacey |


  2. I’m so happy to read about other people meeting and it going so well! You know that I’ve been writing for yearsssss – when I was 20 I got this random message from one of my followers and we immediately hit it off. Now 3 and a half years later, we’re married. The internet really is an amazing place to meet your tribe.


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