A look back at the life of John Sennett

Today might be Valentine’s Day; the day we show love to one another, whether it being our partner, family or friends, but it’s something much more important….MY BIRTHDAY!


As I’m celebrating my 25th birthday (yes, I know, I look older!), I want to do something completely different in today’s post. There’s a lot of pictures below, each giving you some sort of insight into my life, with a brief description as to what happened at that stage of my life.

< 6 years

Can I just start by point out how cute I am in the pictures below? Yes, I’m expecting you to scroll down quickly to see what the fuss about.

I loved my early days. I can remember being a very happy child, having a great group of friends, learning more about the world and getting involved in after school sports clubs.

6 – 10 years

I loved school, says no-one ever! Primary School was my favourite period of time in education, as I knew that most days after school, my parents would give me a 10p Pick a Mix, and I’d go home to do my homework. I was a very good boy (I know hard to believe) at this stage in my life, but then things changed…


10 – 16 years

This is when things really took a turn for the worst. My nan, my rock, my everything sadly passed away when I was going through the most horrific bullying experience. Add on top my mum’s cancer battle, my sister’s stroke and numerous attempts to run away (I went missing for hours), I was in a dark place. This period in my life has been the toughest time to talk about, but if you wonder what motivates my journey, it’s now, which explains the lack of pictures.



16 – 20 years

When I left school, it was relief. I jumped for joy, looking for the next stage in my life. An athletics scholarship was being talked about and my future was set. Well, it wasn’t. Injury hindered my chances to going to America, and an uncertain period occurred. I had no clue what I was doing and went from job to job unsure of what I wanted. Can you guess what happened next?


20 – 22 years

I took my first steps as a volunteer a few months before my 21st birthday. I knew I wasn’t going down a path matching what I wanted to achieve; I didn’t even know what I wanted to achieve! Taking the first steps has stuck with me these last 4 years, and I remember so clearly how the initial meeting went and then the rest was history.


22 years – Present Day

John’s Road to Volunteering was born. I think it speaks for itself.

imag2468_burst002_coverThank you to everyone who has sent me a message today wishing me a Happy Birthday! I’ve been so overwhelmed, it confirmed how lucky I am to have a community like I have around the blog.

Here’s to the next year and the exciting projects I have coming up!



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