Finding my niche *Guest blog*

Hello guys and welcome to John’s Road To Volunteering, featuring myself! As soon as I saw the opportunity to have a guest spot, I jumped at the chance. Not only because John has such a great blog as well as being very experienced in the ‘blogging game’, but also because this is my first guest blog post, so I am very excited about that!

Kevv (2).png

Firstly I’ll just do a quick introduction. My name is Kev, I’m 27 years of age from Liverpool, UK, and I blog over on

So the reason I am guest blogging for John is just to talk about the different directions to go in, in regards to blogging itself. Now I am quite new to the whole ‘blogging scene’, so I think I am still trying to discover my niche so to speak, but from the off I have mainly stuck to product reviewing.

The more I start to blog about things in general as opposed to one set genre, the more I enjoy it. I like being able to discuss a range of things, more so because it’s a lot more relatable to the audience. See, the hard thing with solely talking about things such as, in my instance, beard products etc, is that you have a very limited audience. It’s hard to reach a wider range outside of who you think will be interested in the actual product you’re talking about.

My latest post was focused on body confidence, my personal experience with it and the whole issues concerning it, especially when it comes to men. That was something that was very different for me to blog about, not only because it is a whole different world to my usual reviewing, but because it was a lot more personal and not something I discuss so publicly. But the thing is, I really enjoyed the different aspect to it and being able to just freely write what I wanted to, no limitations. That is what I want to try and focus on and stick towards in the future, just blogging about things that I enjoy, things that annoy me/I want to vent about, anything and everything really. As long as I am enjoying writing and as long as people can relate to my posts, then that is what will continue to push me forward. Like I say, I may still do the odd review here and there but it won’t be what I solely focus my blog on in the future.

On a final note to end things, I would just like to say that you should not worry if you feel like you’re becoming frustrated with your blogging, or feel like it’s becoming repetitive etc. Just take a step back, think about what it is that made you want to start in the first place, and if needs be, try a different direction. You never know how things might work out!

And that my friends wraps up my guest post! I would just like to thank John for allowing me to have this guest spot, I am very grateful for that, as well as thanking you guys for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

If you would like to keep up to date with myself and my future posts etc, then you can find me at:

Twitter – @beardyblog




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