How being confused is helping my creative side

Recently, I’ve felt far from myself. When I wrote ‘Blogging full-time…is it for me?‘, I was lost. I was so confused with where my life was going, and yes, I’m still at that the same point, but it’s doing some good.

I strive from being under pressure, and because I feel at a standstill in my life and where it’s going, it’s helping my creative side. It’s helping in a way, that I’ve been able to identify more gaps in my own work. Gaps in my content and how I’m missing some amazing opportunities to use my past to continue influencing the future, and would I have said a few months ago, that I’d be looking at hosting another world record event, I would have laughed.


Whenever I doubt myself and question whether I’ll be doing them, I always end up doing it anyway. Life is too short to be messing around, thinking ‘what if’ and whether something is worth our time. If it’s worth your time, then do it. If it isn’t, then you don’t have to.

This is why I tend to do a trial and error style of planning. When I have an idea, it’s noted. Whether it’s used or not and developed into something, I guess we’ll have to see, but that one idea could be the key to unlocking the next step in your journey.

Why would you hold back on an idea if it could lead to great things? The world record attempt if accepted, will end up seeing the most participated Twitter chat in history, and yet if it doesn’t go ahead, that’s fine. I have loads of ideas that I’ll be developing in the next few weeks and again, it’ll be a case of seeing if they’ll go ahead, but this shows me that despite being in a slump, I can still be creative.

Creativity doesn’t result in the thoughts of those around us, but the thoughts that we have. Things might be happening in my life, but that isn’t impacting ideas being created. To be honest, this ‘so-called’ slump is bringing out ideas that I don’t believe I would have thought of if I wasn’t struggling to identify my path.

I don’t really know what today’s blog post’s outcome is or what I’d love for you to get out of it, but I think it’s more to say that you should never be afraid of taking your ideas further than just noting them on paper or a document.

Life is there to be tested and everyone’s journey is different, but without the action, how will we know whether these ideas are the next project for us?



One thought on “How being confused is helping my creative side

  1. It’s true that the creative ideas occur from our own thoughts, which is affected by situations surrounding us. I really like how you put that this very point can be used as strength.


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