Taking your blog forward

In the last few days, I’ve talked about confusion, blog direction, and a lack of knowledge surrounding my personal future.

When I got home today from a carvery (it was bloody lovely!), I thought to myself, what advice would I give someone wanting to take their blog forward? Here are my thoughts…

To move forward, we need to move forward with it. It won’t work if one or the other isn’t in sync. When you look at your blog, what do you see? How do you feel?


What do you see?

When you look at your layout, does it match what you want to see? Does it say to you that this is MY blog? MY area of the internet?

I look at John’s Road to Volunteering and I’m happy. Of course, I could buy a layout, fancy it all up and make it sparkle, but that isn’t me. I’ve always gone down the free route with my projects and with the blog, and the layout is part of it.

Yeah, I could add a few things, take a few things out, but I’m happy. Notice how I’m saying I’m happy a lot?

Surely how you see your blog is part of your reader’s experience? Any reader will come screen to face with the front page, the content pages and everything else included at one stage, and would it engage them in a way they come back? Would you come back to it?

I wanted to point out what the reader sees, as I think we tend to forget it is about us; readers and our wants. It’s our readers who’ll decide if they come back and it’s our decision if we tweak a few things to make our blog more personal.


How do you feel?

A personal touch won’t be felt by your readers without the person behind the blog believing in the content.

When you see your content, how do you feel? Do you feel as if more can be done? The content is slacking and a new direction is needed? Maybe you love your blog and don’t want to see any changes?

How you feel about your blog helps you to identify your blog’s future. Confidence is a significant factor to drawing in a crowd and when you don’t believe in your content, sometimes others won’t as well.

The feeling you have about your future helps you to believe. It helps you to believe in a way that new ideas become easy to muster up, and the direction you’re going down opens pathways that you want to experience.


What do you want?

Thinking right now…What would you like to experience through your blog? What direction would you love to take your blog down? In 3 month’s time, what would you love to see on your blog?

What you want will help you to prioritise your workload and focus on the key essentials to taking your blog forward.

I like asking questions in these posts and I tend to ask myself way too many when I’m creating content, but questions will help you to understand what you want.

Whether you want, feel or see something, everything we do helps to take our blog forward. The rest is down to you and whether you put it into action.



9 thoughts on “Taking your blog forward

  1. Definitely leaves you with something to think about. I designed my home page the way I like it, but haven’t actually thought about how that may appear to other people, or whether it looks too ‘busy’. Great post x


  2. Love this, definitely makes me think more about what I can do for my blog, as it’s just a place for me to express my opinon I feel like I’m really happy with how it is right not but this is a great piece for someone who wants to move forward with their blog 🙂


  3. I struggled a lot to get my blog to look just the way I wanted it too- truly a great feeling when you get there! Love the photo that accompanies this post as well- definitely goes with that happy feeling like you say, as well as the thoughtftul nature of this post.


  4. This is really reflective and helpful. I am my worst critic, it may not be a bad thing but I could edit my posts for England. I have continuing thoughts about my blog, what I want it to be and how I would like to see it grow. Thanks for putting your thoughts down about this, I do enjoy reading blogs on blogs.


  5. I love this post! It’s a breath of fresh air to read something that isn’t telling you that you should do x, y and z but that you should do what makes you feel good.



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