Fashion meets blogging and volunteering

On the way to meet my uncle today, before we headed to take pictures for future blog posts, today’s post came to mind.



I’ve talked a lot about personal belief and self image in recent posts and today, I wanted to talk about what helped me to gain this new found confidence.

A year ago, you would have found me in clothes hiding my body shape. I’ve always been an ectomorph (skinny body type) and yet in aspects, I still am, but then this booty is causing a struggle to find jeans to fit.



Over time, volunteering helped me to gain confidence about my shape and how we really need to embrace the way we look, as it’s a significant part of who we are. Whether we see it or not, people tend to tell us we’re beautiful, and maybe they’re right?

Maybe we don’t see what others see, as we put barriers up. We put baggy jeans and a hoodie on to hide our shape, as we don’t want to believe them.


But why should we hold back? Why aren’t we taking the first steps to showing our bodies off to the world and saying…’THIS IS ME…LOVE ME OR HATE ME!’.

When I started to connect with more people in the blogging world and participated in more chats, my confidence continued to grow. Volunteering started my transformation, but since blogging, I couldn’t be more shocked at the person I am today.


I was once afraid to be myself, as I was scared to be judged, but now I know the only person that can judge me is me. Only I have a say in who I am as a person and what I do in life, and I want my clothes to match my confidence.

I want to walk down the road in skinny jeans showing the glutes and quads I love and to embrace my physique by wearing clothes that bring out my confidence.


It’s amazing how fashion can really make us feel confident in our skin, but maybe it’s always been there?! Maybe volunteering and blogging were only tools to help my confidence grow, but the believe was always there? Maybe I was always meant to be a blogger and write this post? Who knows!

What I do know is I love who I am!




9 thoughts on “Fashion meets blogging and volunteering

  1. Look at that booty! Wowza Mr!!! You know how I feel about that backside! On a serious note hun a great post and you are right to love yourself because you are a great person inside and out xx


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