Embracing diversity in the blogosphere

More and more people are joining the blogosphere every day and with growth, comes diversity.

Diversity within new bloggers teaches us that the fresh breed might have new ideas running through their creative engine and yet…

Today on Twitter, I was vocal.

I was vocal because I’m seeing bloggers being criticised JUST down to wanting to do something different. Bloggers are being criticised as you’re YOU and you want to bring YOU out in your content.

Do you remember when you were at school and in the class of 30, there’d be a few that weren’t from your area? Those who had a different background? It’s the same with blogging.

Out of 30 bloggers, how many of us have the same background? The same visions? The same reasons why we started blogging? Probably one or two of us would have similar reasons, but we’re never the same. It’s the same with our mindsets.

Because you don’t agree with someone’s tweet or their blog, why are we then quote tweeting to bring the person down for being themselves? Why are we not looking at their tweet as part of their story? Part of their background?

My x y z, won’t be the same as you’re a b c, even another person’s g h i! Why do we think that because someone is unique (not different), that we have to look at them in another way?

Why are we not wanting to know more about their story? More about the reasons why they think x y z?

It’s not doing the Blogosphere any favours, if it’s a constant cat and mouse situation and we’re trying to find faults in one another. Why are we not looking at someone’s tweet as an opportunity to learn? An opportunity to embrace diverse opinions and to give others an opportunity to speak?

Our stories are unique to ourselves and when this cat and mouse situation is going on, it can take a negative course of self-doubt, angry tweets and a lot of community support to bring us back to our rightful selves, but we have to embrace our story.

When people doubt who we are, what our intentions are and the tweets they really don’t understand, we need to keep being ourselves and continuing down the path we’re creating for our blogs. It’s hard, it really is, but if we’re going to stand up for diversity in the blogosphere, we need to stay true to ourselves.

We can shout from the rooftops, say something is right or wrong in a heated discussion, but the best way to stand up is to BE OURSELVES and BELIEVE.

We’re not going to please everyone, but we do need to stand up for what’s right and that’s DIVERSITY.



4 thoughts on “Embracing diversity in the blogosphere

  1. Thanks for writing this. It was a pleasure to read. I know the cat and mouse thing you refer to you. Sometimes it gets me down. Sometimes (like now reading this) I realise I’ve become so accustomed to its destructive power that I fail to notice it. But it’s always there, an irritating drain.

    I suspect – though I can’t be sure – that the motivation to criticise may well come from those who don’t especially understand why other people write. That’s generally the reason people seek to criticise others isn’t it? A lack of understanding? Or a lack of empathy?

    Whatever the reason, however deep the criticisms go, the key is to keep pressing on, to be vigilant, and to be aware.


  2. A very interesting post. I think we should applaud diversity in all areas of life including blogging. It takes all sorts to make the world go around and the Blogosphere is no different.


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