The blogging race




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The person who false starts, continues running, trying to get ahead of the pack and ultimately win the race in record time. What that person doesn’t know is they’re a dick!

False start and everyone is going to know about it! Just like a drugs test. If you win the race, but later fail a drugs test, the whole world will know you’re a cheat.

I hosted #tbhchat this past hour and the topic focused on the follow/unfollow game. You might have also seen my tweet the last few days, joking around about the subject, but it’s not a laughing topic.

We’re a lively bunch in the blogging world, looking for the next big collaboration, the blog post that’ll make us stand out, and the ‘x’ number of followers we so desire. I don’t have a problem with this, but I do have a problem with the…

 “Hi John, nice to meet you. I like the sound of your content, so thought I’d follow.”

24 hours later…

“John isn’t following back! Let’s unfollow him, and hope he doesn’t notice.”

I notice. I always notice! I’m a sly git who knows the actions of others and the follow/unfollow game is quite easy to recognise. You get excited for a new follower, and maybe they’re someone you adore, but when you click on their profile the day after to find they’ve unfollowed you, you begin to question their authenticity.

Authenticity is HUGE in the blogging world, and by being a culprit of doing whatever you can for new followers, you’re only putting a bad aura on you and your blog.

No-one likes a cheat, and yet it’s still being done. Bloggers want a quick fix. The ultimate gain of followers that’ll make them look better, will give brands a better perception about their work and engagement, but it’s all a lie…


So many of us put our heart and soul into our blogs and yet people have the audacity to jump the line for the next blockbuster film. You’re not the star! You’re the fame hungry wannabe, who wants people to adore them in an instant. YES, I DID JUST SAY THAT!

Blogging takes time. You won’t create your blog to find millions of people already at your feet, wanting your picture at an event or the brand of your dreams willing to do whatever they can to work with you.

You’ll end up like this picture; nothing to show for your pointless act.


It really needs to stop! The whole follow/unfollow game is giving the blogging world a bad name for itself, and it’ll only be worse for you and your blog, if you do it!

I say…STOP BEING A DICK! Put in the time and effort to show your blogging skills organically, and the time will come when you’re recognised. When people notice your hard work, the opportunities will come and you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

How can you be proud of following and then unfollowing?



10 thoughts on “The blogging race

  1. Love the bluntness and honesty in this post! It really does hamper how I view them in the future once they’ve been a part of this ‘game’ .


  2. Well said J. It’s obvious when those who have 17k followers but only follow 1k are just fame hungry and most likely will unfollow you pretty soon. I have made some amazing friends with true followers with a passion xxx


  3. I don’t get the whole point of “follow/unfollow”… I know it’s Friday and my brain is fried from a busy week…but seriously. Everyone knows that it takes time to build up followers. It doesn’t happen overnight. After 2 months blogging and tweeting, I’ve just about passed the 200 threshold, and I’m blown away by that….would I like more? Sure who wouldn’t but I want honest authentic followers, not game players, and I think my followers see that…hopefully. Plus, I just don’t have time to play games…and I’m good with time management.
    Before I waffle on…let’s just keep it real people, don’t be stupid, don’t play games. Spend your time building your audience authentically and not artificially.


  4. Love this! I’ve only recently joined the blogging world and already I’m angry at those of follow/unfollow. I’m a blogger for hobby- writing is a passion and writing about my career is what I love. Just wish people would stop ruining the fun for the rest of us.


  5. I hate it when people follow you, and when you follow back they unfollow you. Ugh so annoying! I always notice too. It does get silly I think. Numbers are people’s priorities with social media, whether that be how many likes on a photo or how many people follow me. If you post good content and are a nice person in general, then people will see that and follow you. It takes time… x


  6. Your tweets this week have inspired me to investigate this on my profile John and yes sure enough some of the big guys who I was flattered to have interest from had indeed since unfollowed me. As a newbie to all this it comes across as inauthentic and superficial. Egos taking over perhaps. I am happy that there are people like you that are blogging from their heartspace. 💜


  7. Spot on. Again. I completely agree with what you’re saying. There are so many apps that inform us of who unfollowed, so it’s a terrible strategy if you’re using the follow/unfollow game to grow your numbers.
    People follow those who inspire us, whose photos make us smile, whose posts we enjoy reading. I for one never follow a person if I don’t feel I’m interested in what they’re saying. And I don’t expect others to follow me just so I can fist pump the air when I hit the next milestone. I like my following engaged 😊 And I’m sure in the long run, we all do.

    Maya |


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