Feeling lost

Feeling lost is not a nice feeling, especially when it’s a subject very apparent in my life right now. (You can read more about my life dilemma right here).

It’s funny that I feel lost writing this post. This never happens with my content, so I think that’s the reality of being confused with your life. Sometimes, getting your feelings out can help, yet I’m here struggling to do just that.

It’s been a weird day today. A REALLY weird day. I’m normally very productive on Friday’s, as it’s my chat hosting evening, and yet I’m sat here after a day of spending hours in bed, a walk to my favourite takeaway being the highlight, with little else to show for it.

This simply isn’t me!

I’m normally the go-getter, the multi-tasker of a long to-do list, and yet, this post is a real reflection regarding my current emotional and psychological mindset.

I don’t like admitting to things like that, but feeling lost is what life is partial about. I felt lost before I started volunteering, and now, at a point where my blog is being considered as my career, I’m back in the same situation again, but with much more up for stake.

Isn’t that what feeling lost feels like? Like the world around us is closing in and the spotlight is on us. The spotlight is the pressure gage, causing us to overthink our personal situation and to question every single outcome and possibility? I overthink a lot. I’m happy to admit this.

(Funny enough, at this stage of typing today’s post, words were flowing and my mind was becoming clearer, as to the direction to take this post. Strange, right?)

Anyway, feeling lost is a natural part of life. Whether you’re lost at the moment or have been in the past, we know at one stage or another, it’ll fade, but only if we put in the work to figure out why.

Figuring out why you’re lost, doesn’t mean trial and erroring everything, but taking small steps to using the feeling as an opportunity.

Aren’t most things in life an opportunity? An opportunity to learn more about ourselves and the direction to go down?


When nothing is clear

This is me right now. Not much makes sense to me right now, but when nothing is clear, what do you do? I’m soldiering on to find out, and for others, it’ll mean taking a break.

What if you took a break and nothing became clear? What if you went backwards rather than forwards and stayed there?

It’s why I like putting a little bit of pressure on myself. Not a massive amount of pressure, but some, so I can take small steps to figuring things out.


Multiple avenues

Small steps are apparent, when there’s multiple avenues and possible options. Do I go and work for a charity now or do I apply to set up a blogging business?

Day by day, I’m thinking about both options, as well as others, and it is starting to make sense. Not a lot of sense, but I’ll take that for now.

When you have multiple avenues, looking back works best for me. I imagine I’m in the future; let’s say 2020, and I look at what I wish I had done. How would I feel looking back if I didn’t action a current idea?


I don’t want to look back feeling like this! I want to feel proud of what I’ve done, and I know in time, things will become clearer, and my ideas will be actioned, but that time isn’t now.

I need time to take a step back and think about what I do next. I’ll still be here doing my thing and empowering others to follow their dreams, but I will need days off to just chill like today and scoff down whatever junk food as I can, as we have to do what makes us happy.

So many people have said this to me recently and it’s advice I’m giving to you.

If you’re feeling lost at the moment, do something that’ll help clear your mind. It might mean taking a few days off from social media or blogging (anything that’s related to your goals), or keeping an hour back each day to put your headphones in and just chill out.

Maybe, that’s where I’m going wrong?

I’ll find out one way or another, and taking a day off from the blog and social media tomorrow is step 1 to sorting my life out.

Speak to you all again on Sunday!





2 thoughts on “Feeling lost

  1. I hope the break helps to clear your head a bit! You definitely have to take care of yourself and refresh your perspective every now and then. And who knows what’s in store? Perhaps the moments in which we feel most lost are the exact moments when amazing things are putting themselves together behind the scenes to be revealed to us at a later time…


  2. Hey John We all need a break sometime and you do so much to give support and encouragement to others but you need to take care of your emotional health.

    As you say we all feel lost from time to time it’s how we cope with it which is the mark of your character. I know it when it happens to me there are friends I can call on including certain bloggers and just chatting to them makes me feel better.

    As I’m sure you’re aware I was and for that matter still am, a passionate supporter of Scottish independence, so the weekend after the referendum in 2014 was a really difficult one and I’ve only recently written a poem which shows my journey back to reality after the up’s and eventually the down’s of the campaign and our defeat. The poem is titled Silver Linings and I would love you to read it, as I think it illustrates your point about feeling lost and the steps I took to recover.

    Best Wishes
    Gayle X


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