There’s a lot more to come

Writing this on Saturday evening, I could feel the thoughts running through my mind…What’s next? What IS coming up for me? How long will it be until I’m in London? Is London where I’m meant to be?

Yes, is the answer. I have been pushing myself for the last 4 years with my volunteering journey and I’m not finished yet.

People have been reaching out to me, asking if I’m ok, and I am. I really am. It’s just confusion.

So much is coming up in the weeks, months ahead, many I can’t reveal yet (well unless you’re following me on Twitter! I always reveal things on there, especially when I shouldn’t!), and I need time out. I have rarely looked after myself, and I need to start taking days off like I did today to re-energise for the projects ahead.

Projects that will see me not only test my voice, my opinion and my passion, but my body. I’m in the process of contacting various organisations and companies, as I attempt my craziest want to date…I want to raise £1 million for charity. Let’s rephrase this…I will raise £1 million for charity and it all starts towards the end of the year.

I know this sounds mad and I know what you’re thinking…” don’t put the pressure on yourself John!”, but I strive from pressure. It’s one of the most important things that motivates me to test the waters, to challenge the world’s population and to speak up about why you should believe in yourself.


I’ve seen so many people in my life struggle; family, friends, you guys in the JRTV community and I can’t see that! I won’t see that! I’ve seen people struggle recently, and I’ve been thinking about ways I could support them. Not just the standard reaching out and listening, but figuring out what charities provide services relating to their needs.

This is what I feel I’m meant to do. Every part of my life has been building up to a moment and I feel this is the moment. Why?

I’ve done some pretty awesome things in my time, and every successful project, I build in confidence. Knowing I’m public speaking across the country this year shows me that there’s a purpose in what I do. I’ve always felt the purpose, and the moments of confusion allow me to reflect this.

It allows me to reflect whether I’m on the right path and I am. I have been on the right path for the entire time, and even though my career doesn’t reflect this, maybe I’m not meant to have a ‘normal’ career. Maybe I’m meant to be an influencer.

And that’s what I’m going to do! I’m going to keep influencing both the charity sector and the blogging world, adding in a pinch of cheekiness, my creative flair and a whole lot of rambling.

I’m excited for the future. I might not always show it, but I know special things are coming up and I’m bringing you along for the journey. I hope you’ll be there with me, as it’s not something you’d want to miss!


4 thoughts on “There’s a lot more to come

  1. You are bonkers but I totally believe in you! You’re gonna smash your goals and I love that this post is full of positivity cos I think that’s what will keep you going whenever you get little doubts

    Becca | The Après Gal


  2. I love what you are doing and the goals you have set, keep striving until you meet them! I’ve recently won £3000 through a public speaking contest for charity and this has pushed me to wanting to carry on helping out!


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