Background stories

Remember when I talked about ‘Embracing diversity in the blogosphere’? The blog post got people thinking and also flared up my passion for the differences each person brings to the blogging world and it all resonates to their background story.

I’ve shared my story a lot on here, well, it’s a journey John’s Road to Volunteering and the journey has its ups and downs, it’s roundabouts and its barriers waiting for me to knock them down.

See this is the problem…why are we knocking people down for being who they are? Slating their story and how they’re using their story to help them live the lives they want?

We all have different passions in life, different goals and a different purpose. When we read each other’s blogs, we get a sense of the person’s life and the experiences that make them who they are.

Bloggers are being judged because of their background. The way they were brought up. Where they were brought up. When they were brought up.

I was brought up on a terraced street in Southampton, from 1992. I am a human being. I am a human being that didn’t have control of my background.

Do we ever consider that people don’t always have control of their background and where they grew up shouldn’t be a trolling mechanism for others to disrespect a blogger?

You’re not only disrespecting the blogger, but their family; those who were part of their upbringing, and quite simply…that’s wrong!

Why am I even writing this blog post? When people said, they’d stand up for causes in 2017, why isn’t diversity a priority? Why aren’t we embracing individuality and learning from one another?

We need to remember that we all have a different story and yes, we’re all bloggers, but we’re also individuals!

We’re individuals with stories to tell, and here I am with an announcement…

This Summer (date to be confirmed), I will be running a diversity campaign, bringing people of all walks of life together to stand up for two things;

  1. How we’re all bloggers, regardless of our backgrounds
  2. How our opinions, thoughts and actions make up who we are

It’s really as simple as that. Isn’t it? We’re all human beings and yet we look at each other as aliens at times for being unique and yet, and yet, and yet (yes, I did mean that 3 times) we’re stereotyping individuality.

‘And yet, and yet, and yet’, those three terms are deemed as the same. What if one ‘and yet’ was a male? What if another ‘and yet’, was born on a council estate? What if the other ‘and yet’, was a beauty blogger?

It doesn’t matter who we are, our background story or what we blog about, each of us are part of the blogging world and it needs to be embraced.

This Summer’s campaign will embrace diversity and more news about the campaign will be released shortly.


2 thoughts on “Background stories

  1. Absolutely loved this post! Blogging needs diversity within it because of the nature of it we all have different experiences in life all as valuable as each-others it just that some people may relate to some topics more than others but that doesent mean their experiences are less valid! Sorry for the rant just really passionate about this topic


  2. This is such an amazing idea and really necessary i think! It’s easy to see people be put off blogging because they don’t see themselves in the blogosphere. People come from a variety of background, in all colours, shapes and sizes and it’s what makes them great at what they do. I love reading different types of blogs from a range of people because you can really see their personality in their writing. Being that i’m from a council estate myself i love it when i see people with similar backgrounds going against the grain and giving themselves a voice, its something to emulate in my own blog.

    I can’t wait to hear more about this campaign and hope it’s as successful as it deserves to be!


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