The bloggers nightmare

Ever been in a position where writer’s block appears? You’re pumped at the spare few hours you have to write content and once you open up a new document, everything goes misty. The thoughts are not coming out, questioning, whether writers block has taken over your mind?

I’ve never experienced writer’s block before, and this might be surprising, but blogging daily helps.

Blogging daily allows my mind to be constantly active, turning ideas to content and publishing them for all to see. What would I do if writer’s block appeared? Here are some thoughts;

Use hashtags to create your content

Ever wondered how I schedule my content? I schedule my content based on regularly used hashtags. Did you know Monday’s are #MotivationalMonday? How would you create content based on the hashtag? Have you seen something recently in the blogging world and wandered how it could fit with your content? Does the hashtag fit in with your branding, your passions?



Collaborating gives you the opportunity to keep writing, without the need to write all the content. Collaborating with others also amplifies your words across a new network, inspiring you to create new content.

Collaborating with someone can only happen when working as a team. To work as a team, you need to talk, and talking happens when your mind is putting words together and putting them onto paper. Isn’t that what we do to create content?


Jot down potential ideas

Sounds really simple, but it’s ever so effective. I tend to write down ideas, that I might potentially use. I change my mind quite a lot with my content, and you might think it’s not the best scenario, but it actually keeps me thinking.

Whether you’re out and about, at home or at work, having a notepad by your side (or using your phone if you don’t have paper on you), can inspire content.

Sometimes the smallest thought can be the most powerful kind of content.


Twitter Chats

The term ‘micro-blogging’ is being linked to Instagram and Snapchat, but couldn’t Twitter chats also be considered as a form of micro-blogging? You share your thoughts by answering questions, and those thoughts could easily be turned into content. You’re sharing your life story in some chats, like you’d be doing on the other platforms, but in a different way.


Taking a break

Writing about the things we love, sometimes we don’t prioritise our self-care. At times, when speaking to bloggers, many have said they’re tired from other commitments and feel it’s impacting their content.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a week off and taking time to re-energise your thoughts. Your community will still be there when you get back.


Writer’s block is essentially hitting the wall. To break down the wall, we either take a step back or we take alternative routes and try something new.

What if that’s the key? What if the topics we believe are the topics we want to write about, are ones are brains don’t agree with? What if we’re meant to try something new?

The real answer is …. Who knows! Only time will tell and only by trying something new, will we know the content we’ll create next.



One thought on “The bloggers nightmare

  1. This post came at a brilliant time! I’ve had writers block for the last two weeks on top of being stupidly busy!!! I’m definitely going to use these tips, because I’m forever suffering from it and then feeling rubbish after!! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


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