Community Champions Week 3

I love how every week now (apologies for missing last week!) on John’s Road to Volunteering is dedicated to ‘Community Champions’!

I get a real buzz from sending a message to someone, mentioning my want to feature them in the series, and to get a shocked response back.

Recognition, no matter how big or small, is still recognition. If there’s someone out there you believe is doing great work, tell them!

Here are the 5 ‘Community Champions’ this week, and how their random acts of kindness have been noticed by me and others in and out of the blogging world…



I’m Harriet, currently just an 18 years old Student. Through my blog I aim to promote positivity. I want people to read my content and feel better about themselves. I inspire for my readers to learn how to develop their confidence and to love themselves.

Reason why Harriet is my hero: Lovely, sweet, a real community person, Harriet is everything you want in a blogger. We connected a while ago, and I saw the beauty within and how she amplifies her life stories, and turns them into advice posts. Harriet’s dedication to empowering others can’t go unrecognised! Harriet, keep being you, keep doing the amazing work you’re doing, and continue changing lives!





I am a long term cancer patient and my personal experience has shown me that we need to be much better with support we offer to people after a cancer diagnosis. I am a writer, with my own website, and a public speaker. My work is shared around the world by patients and professionals. I am also co founder of Your simPal, an organisation giving free calls/txts data to anyone affected by cancer. There is nothing like this service in the world!

Reason why Chris is my hero: I’m not sure words can describe how lucky I feel to have this guy in my life. Chris and I met before Christmas and wow, what a guy! He’s telling his cancer story in ways he’s highlighting to others their never on their own. Chris is always there! Chris has supported me so much in my own journey, I wanted to say thank you Chris for believing in me and inspiring me with your actions!





“Hi there! My name is Zara Anne and I run a blog at and my goal for blogging is to inspire others, spread positivity and be an excellent role model for aspiring bloggers. Its a blog for ALL kinds!”

Reason why Zara is my hero: Still a relatively new blogger, Zara instantly caught my attention with her warm personality. She’s just started her own blogger chat, and that takes someone very special to do, so early on in their blogging journey. Zara is hands down one of the sweetest people I know; inside and outside of the blogging world, and she’s always showing so much love for my work. Zara, this is me showing love back! You’re in for a big future lovely! You can quote me on that in a few years 🙂




I’m Ellie, 20 years old, also known as Deafie Blogger. I’m a profoundly deaf blogger and deaf activist. I’m a Phonak hEARo and Brand Ambassador, I write blogs for Phonak’s ‘Hearing Like Me’ website. I write about my life as a deaf person, the challenges, achievements that I overcome and I love inspiring other deaf people. My motto is ‘deaf people can achieve anything they dream of, given the right support’. Recently, I’ve started a petition for more reasonable subtitled showings in cinemas, which has gotten 1000 signatures in 3 days. I hope to inspire deaf people and make a change in their lives.

Reason why Ellie is my hero: Ellie has said it herself! Her dedication to inspire others in the deaf community, instantly shows her passion for using her own challenges to help others with their own; that’s a selfless act. Ellie’s drive to influence change and policy, such as her recently petition, needs to be recognised. Not only am I recognising her in this post, I believe Ellie’s future has no limits. Ellie is one to watch out for!






I’m Sunshine Sarah & I blog at Writing Rambling which is a lifestyle blog with added cake! I love meeting new bloggers & even have my own #MeetTheBloggers Series which showcases new & existing talent in the Blogosphere! (Feel free to contact me if you want to be featured too!)

Reason why Sarah is my hero: Sarah’s humour in our recent whatsapp chat, showed me many things, but one thing that stands out with Sarah is her love for loving others. So often, Sarah is reaching out to others, telling them how amazing they are, and Sarah…you’re amazing too! Her bubbly and (quite) humourous personality warms the blogging community up and if you asked me who is the blogger to follow, it’s Sarah!



How incredible are Harriet, Chris, Zara, Ellie and Sarah?

5 more individuals will be recognised next week, with a theme focusing on those who’ve supported my own personal journey.

Don’t forget to go check out those featured today and I’ll see you at the same time next week!







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