Blog expansions

There’s a road in front of you, that others are taking and you’re questioning whether you take your blog in a different route. What if the road could be shared? Would you say yes?

Time after time, I’ve looked at ways to expand the blog. Originally, I focused solely on volunteering and charity work, and now, I blog about any topic relevant to my journey.

Figuring out how to expand and the direction to take it, can be tough. A single moment has turned into an instant transaction and other times, it’s taken weeks, even a few months to make sure the next move was the right move.

How do you know something is the right move? I find, only by trying the idea will be the real evidence you want, if something will work.

I’ve taken my blog down routes in the past, and things haven’t worked. Did you know I once hosted a charity twitter chat? No? That’s because, I trialled the idea and it didn’t have the response I wanted.

Everything we do in the blogging world is a form of education. A single blog post can teach us about our learning style, our grammar (mine is dreadful at times!) and the layout.

Educating ourselves is a powerful outlet. Whether we class ourselves as bloggers or influencers, we still have the opportunity to learn in anything we do.

Blogging has taught me so much, and seeing my confidence grow and learning to believe in myself, has enabled me to expand the blog.

Believing in yourself, flows the ideas from notepad to actioned content, and every step we take, the unknown becomes our comfort zone. I keep looking for ways to test myself and by doing this, I learn more about myself and the blog.

I can be scrolling through Twitter for a while and notice a trend signalling a noticeable gap in the blogosphere. I use that gap, and see if I can use the conversation trend into a form of motivation for my own actions.

What if, people’s tweets has relevance to your own journey? What if, the ideas you have match the worrying tweets you see?

“I don’t see many diversity blogs on Twitter! Like, truly open blog posts!” – What if, this was a tweet and matched my goals to stand up for equality and diversity?

I’d take the opportunity and see where it takes me. Inspiration can come from any direction in life and take you in any direction, and sometimes we over-think, whether the option is for us.

I say, if you think of it, it’s possible! If you believe in you, your content, then put the words into action, and never look back.

Isn’t life about not regretting things we wish we had done, and why look back feeling like this?



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