When shit appears

I’m sat here typing this, hours away from my most personal public talk to date. A room of around 40 strangers will soon be hearing my untold story, and how shit appeared at a very young age.

You have to wait until tomorrow to find how what happened, but I wanted to type this post (well, after you decided this as tonight’s topic), and talk to you about sharing personal stories.

Shit happens to most of us at one stage in our lives, sometimes shit happens constantly, blocking any pathway to recovery. I could sit here and say, I’ve been through a lot. Well, it’s an understatement!

Going through a lot, inspires me to pick up my laptop to write posts like this, as after the #BlogsUnite chat, I saw so many people wanting to share their story, but felt it wasn’t the right time. There’s no right time when sharing personal posts, only when you’re ready.

I feel John’s Road to Volunteering is becoming more personal, with deeper blog posts sharing the darkest days of my life, and tomorrow is no exception.

Do I find it easy to sit down and write about my personal life? No. Do I find it easy to sit down and write about my personal life, knowing it could help someone who feels alone and isolated or unsure on what to do? Yes.

This is why I share personal posts. I share my personal story, as someone somewhere will read the content and will quite simply…get it! They’ll read each paragraph knowing how it’s a reflection of their own story and how if one person can do it, so can they?!

I feel, looking back at my journey, that shit times need to happen. They need to appear out of the blue, as my mind and body need to be tested. I need to feel like my life is crumbling around me, to stand up tall and be proud of how I’m using it to impact the future.

I write personal stories, knowing I can pick up a shit bag or a spade (what my parents used to use) and throw away the shit. The shit doesn’t need to be there!

But shit needs to happen!

Shit needs to happen for us to grow and whether that’s in the form of a blog post, that’s up to you! What I do know is personal stories have a big impact. The blogger community have a big impact.

By combining our personal stories and our blogs, our readers get to know the person behind the blog, and what we’ve had to go through to get to where we are today.

People want to know there’s a light at the end of the dark tunnel and we can do this. We can inspire more people to open up about their stories, ending the stigma.

Personal stories are there to be told and are there to be used, but it’s our own actions that’ll dictate if they’re told. If you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, whether you should share something, just DO IT! Do it at your own pace, and know that one story will help someone.

This is why I thank the shit. I thank the shit that happened to me as a child, as my story is now being share around the world, with more people picking up a spade and throwing their shit away.

Have you bought your spade yet?


7 thoughts on “When shit appears

  1. This is so true and they need to happen to help us evolve. I’ve been thinking about writing one in near future but I do worry what my friends think and what they would say. I love reading personal blogs though as I feel I can relate to people and im always open to hear other people’s opinions and ideas. Xh


  2. I love this post … It’s very much about accepting the fact that shit happens but that we can learn and grow from it. And sometimes, we need it to happen in order to change the world (even if it’s one blog post at a time). Hearing the personal stories other people share can be so inspirational and sometimes that’s exactly what we need from each other.

    Guess this means I need to get a spade right? R x


  3. Such an inspiring post, John!! I totally agree with you, there is never a ‘right’ time to delve into the deepest parts of our souls, but personal blogs are so meaningful and IMPORTANT. Thanks for reminding us that we can do this and not be afraid of it.
    Freya – freyasnook.blogspot.com


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