Being vulnerable

I feel very vulnerable right now. Throughout today, I sat my friends and family down and shared with them yesterday’s blog post . I read word for word and with the word ‘suicide’ being mentioned, one by one those who are closest to me broke down.

I don’t know how I kept myself together, but the thought of seeing those around me tear up, told me that being vulnerable is OK!

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your thoughts, your struggles and your weaknesses to others. It should be embraced! Being vulnerable shows we have feelings and even if we can’t express those feelings into spoken word, as bloggers we have writing as an option.

Being vulnerable doesn’t mean we all have to do things in the same way. To write, it means we have to break down our thoughts and just type. Typing to me is a blessing. Typing up this blog post allows me to turn my thoughts into content and one day, this content will become spoken word and will feature in a talk.

I had a message today, asking if I’d be willing to turn yesterday’s blog into a video for what would be my most emotional project to date. Details are being worked out, and I’m going to do it!

Speaking up about my story has played with my emotions all day today, but I spoke up for a reason. I don’t want to live my life with barriers, I want to live my life through expression and actions.

Yesterday’s and today’s actions, tell me that experiences have a purpose. Was yesterday’s talk to the university the “meant to be” time to open up? Were my feelings meant to be kept back for 12 years?

Feelings are a puzzle at times, and obviously without feelings we wouldn’t be vulnerable. Opening up is flipping hard and when we open up for the world to see its FLIPPING HARDER!

But those flipping hard moments can be the defining moments for us. Now I’ve spoken up, I feel like I no longer have a barrier in front of me. It’s now an experience I can use to help others and by having all of you reading these posts, I felt I wanted to speak up.

Being vulnerable is perceived as a bad thing, but without feelings, have we lived? I feel in life, I want to go through all emotions, so when I do stand up, others can relate.

There are people around us fighting their inner demons and a glimmer of hope can be the trigger for others to open up. I received messages last night, thanking me for opening up, as they could relate to parts of my experiences.

This is why I believe blogging is a powerful voice in today’s society. Look at how many people follow/read blogs! The people that read last night’s post and could relate, they might end up sharing their story and impacting those around them.

We tend to forget word of mouth is a powerful thing and when you’ve touched someone’s heart, your content will turn into their discussions.

Being vulnerable to me is a good thing. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I’d have a blog, if I felt I couldn’t speak up.

Running a blog is the most rewarding hobby (well other than volunteering) I’ve taken on, and that’s down to knowing my thoughts can help others. I accept I’m a vulnerable person, and I accept I’m a strong person.

Remember that we don’t have to share personal stories on our blogs, but we do it anyway! Why? Maybe vulnerability isn’t such a bad thing after all?! Especially if it shines the light on another’s tunnel.


7 thoughts on “Being vulnerable

  1. Yeah being vulnerable is a very good thing helps you talk about problems you have been having. Recently I have been being vulnerable a lot more with my peers. I feel like it’s helping me.


  2. I remember hating how vulnerable I was in high school – nobody understood depression and nobody understood why I was socially anxious. I think we need to challenge people’s perceptions of mental health issues more, if my friend wouldn’t have spoken up for me way back when, I probably wouldn’t be sitting here today x


    1. I don’t remember mental health even being talked about at my school! I agree! I said to someone the other day, that rather than ending the stigma, we should be using it, as many more people are sharing their story x


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