Blogosphere Magazine recognises JRTV

It’s an announcement I’ve been sworn to secrecy for some time now, but last night, I attended the Blogosphere Magazine’s Cover Reveal, as John’s Road to Volunteering is featured in Issue 12!



Looking at the feature late last night with the family, it was amazing to see my story being recognised. A story this week, that’s talked about my childhood mental health story, and 2 ½ years ago, started off with the aim of helping others.

The quote “Many people feel like they’re not given an opportunity in life, so I give them one” features in my interview with Blogosphere Magazine, and it’s thanks to Blogosphere Magazine, I’ll be able to reach more people and hopefully impact their lives too!

It’s also thanks to the blogging world that I’ve grown in confidence, seeing my writing become more personal. I focused solely on volunteering based content during my first few months from September 2014, but in time, I opened up about my past.

A past, which saw me wanting to end my life, barriers appearing, as soon as I was on the right path; well that’s what I thought, and a past where my family weren’t always the most supportive, and understanding of how I was feeling/what I wanted to do.


I say this, but the truth is, my uncle has been a legend (pictured above). My uncle has been helping me with the photography side of my blog for some time now, and when I was asked to include a picture in my feature, I chose one he took.

I believe that the feature isn’t just a form of recognition for John’s Road to Volunteering, but the people who help behind the scenes. I write the content, and my uncle, the majority of the time, takes my photos.

The quote featured in the interview is the same approach I took with my uncle. My uncle had no previous photography experience; he didn’t even know how to work a Smartphone, but I gave him an opportunity. He wanted to help me out, and I let him. The rest is history.

Looking at the feature today, I smiled. I smiled with pride, knowing that everything in life has a purpose. You guys reading this have a purpose. I have a purpose. Blogosphere Magazine has a purpose.


Thanks to all of you supporting me whether I’m up or down, I end up wanting to do more. I end up wanting to test myself time and time again, knowing that someone will be helped at the end of it.

Blogosphere Magazine’s recognition puts the charity world into the limelight, and a limelight I want to keep shining.

Who would have thought that a guy from Southampton, who has a passion for volunteering and helping others would be recognised by the blogging world and his readers?

Blogosphere Magazine, I can’t thank you enough for featuring me and for sharing my story. It’s initiatives like this, that show people their self-worth and the impact they’re making in the blogging world.


To all of you reading this, I also want to thank you. *YES THIS IS MY OSCAR SPEECH*

I’m saying thank you for all your messages about my content, for feeling I’m someone you can reach out to and for being A FRICKING AWESOME COMMUNITY!

John’s Road to Volunteering was started in 2014, and 2017 is the year, the defining year! The defining year, that’s already seen so much happen and with so much more being planned behind the scenes, I want you all to know one thing…

Produce the content you love, on the topics you’re passionate about and let the rest speak for itself.



25 thoughts on “Blogosphere Magazine recognises JRTV

  1. Congratulations once again John, I bet your family is so proud & rightly so, you’re doing amazing things! I’m honoured to have been the first one with a signed copy haha! This is just the beginning of an amazing journey X


  2. How amazing! That is such a great achievement – congratulations! I hope you can continue to grow and keep doing amazing things with your blog and your story.


  3. Congratulations John, Certainly a big achievement; one that is without any doubt a well-deserved reward for not only your volunteering work but also the content in which you provide for the community as a whole. I do so hope that the print audience furthers your target audience and allows for more great opportunities and rewards to come your way!

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