Single life as a blogger

The single life can have its ups and downs, like being in a relationship can have, and with this being said, as its UK Singles Day today, I thought…Let’s talk about the single life and blogging with a few of my friends.

I struggle at times being single, I won’t lie. Despite the amount of extra time I now have to spend on myself and to self-care, I’m happy to admit, I like being close to someone. I like being close to someone, knowing one experience is our experience.

I say this, but being single does have its benefits. I feel having a busy schedule already, having that extra time for myself gives me more focus on the blog. I can focus on the blog with a more detailed want to create more content.

But, is this the same for my fellow blogging friends?



Personally I’m at a place in my life where I don’t need a relationship to ‘define’ me. (If it happens it happens) However I am really enjoying being single. It gives me time to focus on myself and sort my life out and everything going on within it. I guess in a way, in extension it gives me more time to focus on my blog. Although being single hasn’t previously affected the content of my blog posts, I think I’m now at a point where I would like to start creating more content around being single. So many bloggers talk about their relationship on their blog, so why shouldn’t it work the other way round too? You go through so many weird yet great experiences being single and sharing this content is a great idea, as so many others have probably shared those experiences. You can enjoy your life and blog at the same time, when you’re single. So here’s to all the singles out there!




Being single has forced me to be comfortable with myself, my opinions and views and in turn has made me more confident in blogging.



DK Picture.jpg

I’ve let being single define me for too long. It’s been a weight upon my shoulders; a burden that I didn’t want to bear for as long as I can remember. To me, being single meant being alone.

But, I’ve come to realise that being alone is not the same as being lonely. Rather than dwell on the downsides of life on my own, I’ve learned to embrace the positives. I’m independent and strong; confident and free. I can spend my time how I please and not have to worry about keeping someone else happy.

When it comes to blogging, I’ve found that being single inspires much of my content. From learning to embrace my own company to why it’s okay to be single on Valentine’s Day, some of my best content has come from experience. Not to mention, being single gives me time to write in the first place!




Being single is a huge benefit whilst running my blog, it means I can give it all my attention without feeling guilty and conscious about leaving someone alone for too long. Blogging can be very time consuming and it would take a special kind of person to understand how much love and attention a blog needs to thrive. I also think I have lots more experience to blog about due to being single such as ’10 Thoughts You Have Whilst Signing Up To A Dating App’, whilst in a relationship I feel your topics would be a lot more confined. Relationships could be fun, however they’d need to understand what seeing a blogger includes.




I wouldn’t necessarily say that I love being single, but I love myself and right now I’m single. I’m taking the time to truly get to know me. I’m learning so much about myself and about life, it’s these things that become the basis for many of the blog posts that I write.


What I’ve loved about doing this collaboration is hearing the thoughts and opinions of others. Love is about sharing, whether you’re single or in a relationship, and I hope by teaming up with Karishma, Nicole, Donna, Charlotte and Gemela, you’ll find love in their content.

There’s nothing wrong with being single and there’s nothing wrong with being in a relationship. The most important aspect of this post and love in general is enjoying what you do have and embracing those around you.

Just because another person isn’t in the same situation as you, understand that maybe they enjoy the single life. Maybe they enjoy being with someone.

We’re all different, and we all have different wants and needs, and LOVE for me, starts within.


Note; All wording underneath the bloggers name/picture has been written by them, and the picture has been supplied with their permission.


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