Telling your story

It’s been a week of activity in both my personal life and for John’s Road to Volunteering. The week has seen me share stories in ways I’ve never done so previously, parts of my story that have never been shared, and meetings involving the next few parts of my journey.

This is my story.

My story is a reflection of multiple things in my life, but they all end up back at the same place; my mind, my love and my personality.

Telling your story to me is about being yourself and telling it in a way that works for you, regardless of what’s happening around you. Ever wondered why I’m not on Instagram or Snapchat? It’s because those platforms are not for me and the way to tell your story on them doesn’t work for my personal story.

What does work is speaking to small and large groups, writing down my experiences for all to read and meeting others; giving off the same personality I share online. It works for me, as it works for me. It just works for me!

Telling your own story doesn’t always mean to do what everyone is doing, as blogging should be individual and original to our journey.

It’s like the way we write our content. Why write about things in a way someone else does, as that’s not part of our journey? No-one’s journey is the same, so why should our writing be the same?

People want to relate to someone’s story, and when I delivered my lecture on Monday, I opened up about my childhood mental health story. Students knew I was coming and I wanted to leave knowing someone related to what I was sharing. Seeing tears in the eyes of the students, told me that I done a good job. That part of my story had never been told before, but was told on the day, as I found it to be the right time.

Telling your story doesn’t have to be shouted about and every part doesn’t need to be shared straight away, as many of us have found…personal posts are never the easiest content to share.

I share my personal stories for the exact same reason I shared my untold story on Monday…RELEVANCE!

Some topics are myths in the blogging world, but if it’s part of our own story, why not tell it? Being featured in Blogosphere Magazine told me that volunteering is becoming a talking point among bloggers. My story is becoming a talking point.

When you tell your story, you make an impact! It doesn’t matter if it’s a beauty or restaurant review, a story about your bullying experience or  a post like this; giving advice to others. The content you share is part of your story, as it’s part of who you are. Your content covers topics you love and relate to your current situation; sometimes past, if you want to share it.

I’m sitting here typing this, knowing after an amazing week of sharing my story and helping charities with their fundraising, I can tell my story has had a positive impact; both for me and those involved.

That’s what telling your story means to me. It means you and the reader/listener are positively impacted and your story is being told in a way that suits you.

I write as I speak, as that’s what works for me and when I meet people IRL, they know I’m going to be cracking jokes about my hair, probably get a bit emotional sharing my personal story, and knowing I have a passion for just being me.


5 thoughts on “Telling your story

  1. It’s so reassuring that there are bloggers who are just being themselves. Being more than just another review on lipsticks and shampoo. I agree there’s nothing more important than being yourself 🙂


  2. I believe that speaking about your experiences in life will hopefully only end up helping someone else. If my story can help one person then for me it makes me happy and reassured that I’ve spoken out
    Sam xox


  3. For a long time I’ve felt bad about not being on all social media platforms and not achieving anything on Instagram. I’ve felt bad about writing about things I love because no one else seems to care. Then I read your post and now I realize I’m writing my own story and I should do that in a way that feels good for me. Thank you for writing this one 🙂

    x Envy


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