Raising funds for our country’s heroes

Volunteering is my love. A love that’s grown and grown, supporting a variety of charities in a number of ways.

I had never volunteered with Help for Heroes before last weekend, but it was time to say thanks. Just like in their name, those serving our country are heroes. Heroes that deserve every little bit of thanks and recognition, as who knows what’d happen without their selfless act.

Last weekend saw a National Collection Weekend with Debenhams supporting Help for Heroes, raising funds selling the charities merchandise.


Upon arrival to Winchester, the love of volunteering poured from meeting the collection volunteers. The volunteers loved what they were doing and its volunteers like this, who make others experience so worthwhile.


Chris and I had never met before and when I met her husband, it made me smile, knowing they were volunteering together. Volunteering is an amazing activity to do alone, but when you’re doing it with friends and family, you’re making an even greater difference.

Fundraising is a relatively new form of volunteering for me, and yet here I was, only just arrived and people were donating and someone wished to purchase merchandise.

“John…think! John…you look at the sheet provided! John…smile, and be yourself!”

These were the thoughts running through my mind, and they worked. When you love something, people can feel/see the passion and my words seemed to flow.

Volunteering has taught me to always be myself and when raising funds on Saturday, the same concept was used. Being yourself also resonates with other volunteers. Knowing Chris and I have never met, it was amazing to see how well we got on. It was as if we had known each other for years, having a laugh about whether I should get my eyebrows done or generally discussing our volunteering stories.

Learning from one another is an amazing opportunity in volunteering and just being in the presence of someone who has volunteered for Help for Heroes for the past few years and why she started, has inspired me to do more for the charity.

It’s the same for the people we spoke to on the day. People want to give to a charity who are doing amazing things and there’s a reason why Help for Heroes have made a name for themselves in a relatively short-time…they’re amazing!

Over time, I’ll get involved in more volunteering roles with the charity and if like me, you want to say thanks to our servicemen and servicewomen, maybe volunteering is the way to go about it.

You can find out more about the volunteering roles available here, and thank you once again Chris for being an incredible leader, Help for Heroes for the amazing opportunity and a massive thanks to Debenhams for supporting the charity.


PS What name would you give this bear? I named him Henry 😊





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