Reacting to being in the spotlight

Life is good right now. I’m taking time out to find my new path, and John’s Road to Volunteering is on the rise.

The spotlight is shining, my head is reflecting the light and new opportunities are appearing in my inbox.

I’ve been blessed for a while now, getting involved in some incredible campaigns, seeing a positive response to my story and a calendar filling up with exciting projects.

Being in the spotlight is an incredible feeling, knowing you’re doing well in your field, but with the recognition comes pressure.


Knowing people outside of my social media community are watching, I need to react. I need to react, aware my story is being titled, ‘game changer’, ‘a social influence’ and ‘history in the making’. Really, it’s been said!

With the spotlight shining, I’m under pressure. My story puts me under pressure. I put myself under pressure.

You might think it’s not a good thing being under pressure, but pressure makes me think. It makes me create. It makes me voice.

Most importantly, I believe in myself!

Despite being very unique in the charity and blogging worlds, isolation brightens the gaps. Talking about my story in the form of a blog is still a pretty unknown platform for charities and yet that gap has a plus and a minus.

The plus is being unique. Being unique means I stand out. Standing out brings attention, and when done right, brings opportunities.

The minus is having a fight on my hands. A fight to influence change and a change many charities are not willing to make. It makes things hard for me to get my point across, but actually digital story-telling works. It works for me. It works for my story.

I see any challenge in life as an opportunity. By being a different kind of blogger means I can enlightens others in my own way. It’s the same with the minus of blogging being an unknown to charities.

Every challenge I’ve taken on previously, I’ve grown from. I’ve grown noticing the gaps I need to take John’s Road to Volunteering to the next stage. A stage that requires me to learn more than ever, to challenge online and offline and to continue what I’m doing.

Being under the spotlight doesn’t mean we have to change, it means we’re doing a great engaging others, and for a while now, I’ve been adding new things into John’s Road to Volunteering, but the new projects are me being me.

I love being under the spotlight, as I feed off the pressure. I want to make the biggest difference I can, and pressure will be part of that. Pressure will be part of something when the spotlight is on you, and this is where I get my stories from.

Knowing people are watching, I HAVE to challenge myself. To challenge others, I need to challenge myself, and yes, I’m pretty much on my own in terms of writing a charity blog, but that brings excitement to my bones.

The stories I upload on here are unique to me. Some are situations I see online and others are my own personal story. My own personal story is showing others that the impossible is possible, and when I say to people ‘One Goal. One Journey. One Man.’, it really is relevant.

I have a goal to push the boundaries. To push social action and to influence change.

The journey will have its ups and downs and not everyone will listen, but when they do, people will want to get involved. People will want to collaborate.

People want to work with this guy called John Sennett. People are responding to the 25 year old, who once had no direction and is now being headhunted by charities to raise awareness, to volunteer and to be part of his journey.

My name is John Sennett, and I love what I do. I love helping others and welcome to my journey. The journey has a goal to inspire, to motivate and to educate, and the journey really is a journey.

Photo credit: :@1weekmary



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