Community Champions Week 4

It’s back! Community Champions is back!

I love this series, as when I send a message to someone letting them know I want to recognise what they do on John’s Road to Volunteering, they’re always surprised.

This week’s ‘Community Champions’ is a little different. I want to recognise 5 absolutely stunning individuals who have supported John’s Road to Volunteering in many ways, and I felt I wanted to do something to say thanks.




I’m Heather Lee currently living in Manchester. I am an ordinary girl who blogs and vlogs part-time. I started this 6 months ago after a friend told me to do it since I am always talking about beauty, going shopping and travelling, so I love how I now have my own little space where I can share my thoughts on this. I love supporting other fellow bloggers and meeting new people, learning new things and being inspired. I am a big foodie fan and a big fan of Asian food, but I try to balance this out with fitness as I love working out to keep fit. I believe in staying true to yourself, doing what makes you happy, always be appreciative and to try and think positively even when times get tough.

Reasons why Heather is a hero: Heather, you’re not ordinary. To me you’re extraordinary! Your support never goes unnoticed, seeing your name pop up in my notifications, and as you say, you support others. The support you give me brightens my day and knowing you’re always there to support JRTV, I can’t thank you enough. You’re not a follower, you’re a friend.





I’m a Yorkshire born & bred lass currently living in Manchester with my wife and cat. I work for an education company and spend my free time gaming, taking pictures and blogging. My blog is primarily a lifestyle blog, covering topics such as mental health, home life and the odd beauty post and has given me a chance to connect with some fantastic people!

Reasons why Rachael is a hero: You’re always there for me. You’re always there with kind words about the blog, my projects and me as a person. Rachael, you always make me smile with your comments and here’s a comment to you…

Never change! Be the amazing person you are and know your loved! I love having you in my life!





Hi, I’m Victoria, currently a 20 year old Music Student! I suffer from anxiety and my blog is a place where I try to create a positive space and use it as a place to write posts that I want to create! I don’t feel I “fit into” a specific category! It’s an everything and anything blog!

Reasons why Victoria is a hero: Victoria always gives me the nicest of comments both on here and on Twitter, and of course it makes me smile. I’m a generally smiley person, but having Victoria in my life only makes the smile even bigger. Victoria is one of the sweetest people I know, and Victoria, one day, I want to meet you! I want to give you a hug and thank you for all the support you show.





My blogging journey started almost 2 years ago when I created a blog to write about my Lymphoma diagnosis and my ongoing treatment for it. Once treatment was over, I created Johanna Montana as I wanted to continue writing, but also write about things other than my illness. I like to think my blog is a representation of my life; a whole mess of things and the things I like beauty, fashion, film, student life, you name it. But I’ve still carried on blogging about cancer from time to time over on Johanna Montana in a bid to spread awareness of what it’s REALLY like. After all, I have a voice, so I should use it.

Reasons why Johanna is a hero: Sharing any personal story takes guts. Sharing your cancer battle shows me that the person writing the content is special. Johanna, you’re special. Not only for the above, but for being an absolute gem. Speaking to you for a while now, I’ve realised how amazing you are, how warm your heart is and why the world need more people like you. You’re a blessing to us all!





I started my blog because I felt like I needed to find my ‘thing’. I used to be extremely self conscious, shy and would worry frantically about what people thought of me. Blogging has made me stronger and more confident as a person. I’ve come to know so many lovely, kind and genuine people through blogging and have had opportunities I never imagined I would get to experience.

Reasons why Harriet is a hero: Harriet is one of my closest friends. When we started chatting via a blog chat, I knew she was someone I wanted in my life. Her smile, her warm presence, and her cheeky personality, Harriet is my blogging sister and as time goes on and we get to know each other more, I feel luckier to have her in my life.

She’s also part of the @Bloggers_Unity team!



Community Champions is back next week with more incredible individuals and more incredible stories, and I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about this week’s heroes.


4 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 4

  1. What a fun kind of post! It’s always great to recognize those who support you, I think if you don’t acknowledge those who uplift and help you with your success, it’s a bit unfair to your supporters. Great to see this amazing support system around your blog! x

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