Blogger events are not for me

Knowing the direction you want to take your blog, means you have to go through numerous trial and error periods, trying to understand what works for you.

The last few weeks, I’ve been to a few blogger events, set up my own pre-event meetup and I’ve come to the conclusion that events are not for me.

I stick out like a sore thumb. I stick out like a sore thumb, not because of my lack of hair or my cheeky personality, but because I’m not the ‘standard’ blogger. I don’t write about fashion, I don’t write about beauty, nor do I work with brands. I just do me and talk about my story.

I talk about my story at conferences, at charity events and on John’s Road to Volunteering. John’s Road to Volunteering is a reflection of my life and life to me is about exploring; exploring avenues you’ve never taken before to see if they’d work, and if not, at least you can say you tried, right?

I’ve tried blogger events and I won’t again. Blogging events are fixated around certain niches in the blogosphere, and dare I say it…they’re really female orientated!

I’m going to get stick for that last sentence, but when I was asked recently why I don’t think more males are blogging, it’s because we’re putting barriers up. We’re putting barriers up in the blogosphere by looking at what there is, not what there could be. What happened to testing the water and showing inclusivity in what we do??

I’m lucky to have such an incredible community around John’s Road to Volunteering, and when I set up a pre-event meetup, it was amazing! It was amazing, as I met bloggers with similar thoughts, with a passion for what they write about and who genuinely want to include everyone.

Events don’t cater for diversity!

It’s a reason why I’m sticking to charity events. Charity events make me feel included, even without the need to point out, that I’m still unique to the sector.

I’m unique, as I’m different. We’re all different. I don’t see why being a male who blogs, a blogger in the charity sector or just a person living on planet earth, why we can’t include everyone?

Why can’t we do this?

Why can’t we consider the main gap in blogging is giving people a voice. Giving people an opportunity to experience. An experience, which’ll result in a positive memory. Memories result in word of mouth and word of mouth creates a buzz.

I didn’t get this at the events.

The only buzz I got was meeting those I wanted to meet, but that can be done in our own time. Seeing people scrap for freebies and kiss ass to get more things, that have no relevance to them and their blog really confuses me.

Blogging is about sharing your passions. Inspiring others to take action from your expressive content, not about the freebies. Yet, at events this happens.

It shows you that not everything in the blogosphere is positive. Not everyone is necessarily in it for the impact, and that’s fine. People have their own wants and needs, and we have to respect this.

Even acting as a bit of a moaning myrtle in this post, I’m allowed to moan. I’m allowed to voice. I’m allowed to say that events are not for me.

We are individuals in the blogging world!

A few posts coming up in the next few weeks will expand on these thoughts. I’ll talk about why there aren’t many male bloggers on the scene, I’ll share my thoughts on why we’re putting barriers up in the blogosphere and why we’re our biggest enemy when it comes to creating content is ourselves.


19 thoughts on “Blogger events are not for me

  1. I love this post! I love how truthful you are about the events, whereas some bloggers will just write they love events so that they get invited to more!

    True inspiration John!


  2. I loved this post and I think it does really speak the truth. I like that your blog is unique that you share your passion. I find your blog so interesting to read as you say what other people may not for example about the negative response you had from the event ( if that’s the right way to word it)


  3. I really admire your honesty here, John. I’ve been to a few blogger events that’s i’ve been invited to but they were just small gatherings – nothing major! I often wonder what it would be like to be go to a big organised one. It’s a shame people actually scrap for freebies & just suck up to brands etc! That’s not what it’s all about. Hat off to you for speaking out about this though! Not many people would do that!

    Charlene McElhinney


  4. This makes total sense! The blogging events I’ve seen pictures of seem lovely but at the same time I can see how you’d stick out like a sore thumb because you aren’t in fashion or beauty or having sponsored posts. I imagine that’s how it would be for myself. We need to get a blogging event where it’s just a giant meetup for all the bloggers to get together and have fun. (:

    Single Vegas Girl


  5. Interesting post. As a newer blogger I’ve not been to any events yet and weighing up whether I want to. I’m quite introverted personality wise and not good at making small talk. There are people I want to meet, but I think I’d rather just meet them and not have any of the other stuff going on!


  6. I think this is perfectly okay and that going to “blogger events” shouldn’t ever be something pressed upon us just because we are “bloggers”, I’ve never been to one myself, but it may not be for me either and that’s okay!


  7. I previously had a blog a few years back, a beauty based blog. I was so desperate to fit in within the category of ‘beauty blogger’ without actually giving a toss about the content I was talking about.

    I’ve experienced the same stuff you talk about, being a female electrician. I face a lot of ‘why does she do that job?’ ‘How can she know about DIY?’ Etc. Exactly as you say, ‘we are all individuals’.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog.
    Lifestyle, homeware & Interior


  8. Hi John, you’ve made some good points, and having never been to a blogger event, it’s interesting to hear your views. I think you are right about the female-male ratio (although I hope it’s changing). Blogger events shouldn’t just be about fashion/beauty. I would love to meet up and network with other bloggers. Great post though!


  9. Spot on with this post. I saw you from afar at the event this weekend and noticed there were very few male bloggers around. And then I looked around me and it hit me how there was really nothing much that would cater for you guys. I’m not a beauty blogger myself, but as a woman I do enjoy getting my hair and makeup done, sipping prosecco and chatting away, so I did enjoy the event.

    I guess this might be an interesting business opportunity for someone, organising events for bloggers who aren’t mainstream. Having done events before in my career, it made me think about doing this yesterday…

    But I do have a massive respect for people like you who stay true to themselves.

    Maya |


  10. Im a super new blogger and of course never been to events before, but I have noticed there are a lot more female bloggers are writting about popular topics compare to men. I still dont know the reason and think it’s a a shame that guys dont get as much attention. I really enjoy reading your post and hope you will stay authentic and the blogging world would be more open minded in the future.


  11. You are so right that blogger events cater mostly to female bloggers. I’ve found so many male bloggers in the business industry, and one of my favorite chats to meet a more diverse group is #MillennialTalk. I’m not sure if they do a similar one for U.K., but it wouldn’t hurt to take a look or maybe even start one. If anyone can, you most definitely would do it justice.

    Ashlynn |


  12. I tried one event when I was blogging previously (I blogged for a few years, gave up and scrapped it, and recently returned to the blogging world again). I found exactly what you were saying – that if you didn’t fit the cookie cutter of the standard beauty blogger (nothing against them, I’m just not one) then you felt like you didn’t belong. I am much more comfortable at tattoo conventions anyway 😉


  13. I’ve been to lots of blogger events and some of them are as you mentioned, fashion and beauty. I’m a lifestyle blogger, so I do mention some beauty products I use or I might do a fashion post, but I’m far from a fashion/beauty blogger.
    I’ve also been to amazing events, where I got the chance of speaking with great brands, that are suitable for my blog and there are things I do care about, like raising awareness on a subject that not many people talk about.
    I discovered that is more important who is organizing and why the event is organized.


  14. So true! Most blogging events I’ve come across claim to be for all, but when you read on its obviously geared more towards the beauty bloggers with a bit of other stuff thrown in. I’ve also heard of the rush for freebies etc.


  15. I have to say I completely agree with you about events being very female oriented. Were you at Blog Con? I didn’t see you but maybe this post explains why if you weren’t there! It’s a shame you’ve been put off events but if they’re not for you then just keep doing what is you! X


  16. Really interesting to read this! And I completely agree especially with there being no diversity. I myself feel the odd one out so for you to feel that and you being a man I can’t imagine how that must feel! Good luck with everything you do though‬


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