Why do we put barriers up in the blogosphere

I spoke up yesterday about blogging events and how I don’t find them inclusive, and today’s post covers ‘why DO we put barriers up in the blogosphere?’.

We’re putting barriers up, as we don’t want to see change. Change would mean our content would most likely need to take a new direction, and who wants that? Who wants to take things to the next level?

I do! Many bloggers do! Many bloggers feel they’re not given the time of day, as the current SITUATION is you need to fit a ‘niche’. A ‘niche’ that means you’re part of a pack. A pack that defines who you are and your content and the relationship you have with those within the pack. Basically, a Taylor Swift squad.

A squad that brushes other people away and lets people know who they are! Putting people into groups, ‘niches’ and basically excluding people down to their unique content is only putting the blogosphere at a standstill.

How are bloggers meant to share their content, if people turn around and say it’s wrong? What if you’re wrong? What if what you think isn’t the opinion of someone else? Are you going to say they’re wrong too?

We talk about how positive the blogosphere is, but we’re still so far away from being an ACTUAL community.

There’s millions of us sharing our content, sharing our passions and connecting with like-minded content creators, and yet barriers are up.

Barriers are up, as we have the mindset that one size fits all. I’m sorry, but I’m 6’1, 93kg and I can tell you now that your clothes will not fit me. Why give me the same wardrobe as someone else, as they’re clothes clearly won’t fit. One size fits all puts limitations on top of the barriers. Isn’t that what a barrier is? A limitation in society?

Limitations are resulting in individuals feeling excluded, and resulting in arguments on social media. I get not everyone is going to get along, but let debates happen. Let discussions happen. Let things happen, as what might come out of it is a better understanding. A better understanding, allowing us to move forward, in the RIGHT direction.

There’s a lot of crap happening in the world, and the crap is impacting the blogosphere. It’s impacting us in a way we’re following the trend. Why don’t we break the trend? Why don’t we set an example to our readers, to fellow bloggers and to potential brand collaborations, that we don’t put barriers up?

The moment we break down the barriers and LET people have a SAY, to create the content THEY WANT, and to give EQUAL opportunities, no matter the following someone has or who they are, we can move forward TOGETHER!

It’s not a case of breaking down the barriers on our own, but working as the ‘SO-CALLED’ community, and standing up together for what we believe in.

Basically, let bloggers be themselves and stop putting up the barriers from letting it happen.

Look out on Wednesday for my post on why male blogging ISN’T on the rise and the barriers stopping more men from getting involved.


5 thoughts on “Why do we put barriers up in the blogosphere

  1. I’ve always been the type of person to climb over barriers rather than pull them down. I used to always tear my jeans but at least I didn’t destroy anything. That’s he way I see the blogging barriers. I’m going to climb over them because there will always be someone else putting them up but hopefully if other people see me climbing them and how much fun it can be they’ll hopefully join me and there will be more climbing barriers than constructing them. Does that make any sense? I do tend to ramble. Looking forward to your next post on male bloggers :). Cheers!


  2. This is so well written! As I stated on your last post – as someone who fits the ‘alternative style’ I often feel like I don’t ‘belong’ in the blog world of the latest fashions, contouring tutorials, etc. That being said I am a loud mouth – outspoken to the point of being both a fault and a strength…. I have made it my goal to go out of my way to support each blogger that I am connecting with online whether they fit into my ways, views, etc or not – and show them that I break what is often seen as the stereotype for the alternative world…. I can be a polite, kind, supportive, and loving individual… and still rock my tattoos, coloured hair and piercings 😉


  3. break the barriers, you are right. I do not know, but at first i was so scared even open a free blog. as I went through it went easier.. Nice read, keep it up


  4. So true, unfortunately.

    I don’t think my blog fits into a niche as I post about a variety of subjects (or try to!). Like-wise, I enjoy visiting and commenting on a variety of blogs.


  5. This is such an important post! I’ve recently joined the blogging community and so far have felt really welcomed but I’m still on a super small platform. However, with those on larger platforms, I definitely see more ‘drama’ (if that’s the right word!) happening and a lot of hate which is so sad to see. I don’t understand why people can’t just accept that everybody is different, everybody likes to write about different things therefore, if you see something that’s not your interest, just move onto something that is. Lets hope we can start spreading this positivity!

    Love, V x


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