Open up the blogging world to men

There’s a picture without the writer behind the content. Is this a reflection of how the blogosphere react to men who blog?

When I spoke about the reasons why I won’t be attending future blogging events, others spoke up. Others highlighted they’ve noticed many parts of the blogosphere are female orientated, and I get it! I get that the majority of bloggers are female, but when it comes to the minority, we’re still being excluded.

I touched upon the subject in 2016, sharing my thoughts on inclusive blogging and also the ‘male’ blogger label, and I thought 2017 was going to be different. I thought the new year would bring a deeper understanding that blogging is missing the point; that females are not the only gender that blog.

I don’t need to repeat myself on the subject, as people talk about it in chats, but we’re not acting on what we say. We talk the talk, but we don’t walk the walk. Why does this keep happening? Why are we not acting on the words we so often repeat?

It’s going back to what I talked about on Monday. Bloggers don’t want to see change. I get from many, that they want blogging to be a female hobby. They want a space on the internet they can call their own, as so much terminology, RT accounts and blogger chat topics are female related.

I really don’t know why I have to write this post again, but I’ve had good male blogging friends tell me they no longer want to be involved. They’re no longer wanting to be involved, as they’re being targeted. Why when I network with someone is the fact I’m male an instant talking point?

Why can’t I just write about what I love without my gender coming to someone’s mind? Why can’t men blog? Why can’t we be an inclusive community? Why can’t we adapt to the changes in society?

Stereotyping happens in society and it happens in the blogosphere.

It’s always going to happen. It doesn’t matter how much we try to change and influence things, the stereotypes will always be here.

We can work together though (as pointed out on Monday too) to open up pathways. Open up pathways providing a more inclusive setting in the blogosphere and to provide equal opportunities for discussion, content and collaboration.

Collaboration will stop the ‘men’ and ‘female’ groups from forming and provide a more ‘COMMUNITY’ feeling for all to be a part of.

Until we understand that yes, men do blog. Yes, we’re part of a minority.


Just because we have something dangling in between our legs, it shouldn’t stop us from being part of something special. It shouldn’t stop us from being ourselves and creating the content we love.

We started blogging to have a voice. To have a say on topics we care about, and the moment we exclude someone, their voice is taken away. My voice, however won’t be taken away!

I’ll keep speaking up about the topic, as discussions need to be created. Discussions need to happen on a variety of topics, and until we open up, we’re honest with ourselves and others, and we look to the future and what it holds for all in the blogosphere, people will keep feeling like their not part of the community.

The community is an exciting place, filled with inspirational stories, from incredible writers, and what if the next big writer is a male? What if the moment he felt excluded, his passion deteriorated?

Don’t let that happen! Give people a chance to do what they love and who knows, maybe in the future, more men will blog?! Until then, think about those who are currently blogging!


9 thoughts on “Open up the blogging world to men

    1. This is so upsetting because everyone should feel comfortable doing what they love. I really hope your determination encourages other men to blog 🙂


  1. I have followed you since forever now John and you are one of my main influencers to make the leap into the blogosphere. I still it difficult to comprehend it is a women’s thing. I genuinely thought this would be one area where women and men could be truly equal.

    I love your blog, please don’t stop.


  2. Tuh, trying this again! I love reading your blog – I’d never really thought about how female dominated the blogging world was! My boyfriend wanted to start a blog but said he felt intimidated -I’m going to point him in your direction!


  3. So 10+ years ago, blogging was all about telling stories and sharing individual perspectives. Which was amazing. But now “blogging” has morphed into something to be monetized. There are plenty of male bloggers, you are most likely to find them writing tech and sports blogs. There are plenty (yes, more…but that’s like most creative endeavors) of female bloggers, you are most likely to find them writing fashion and beauty blogs. This is what the “blogging world” and blogging events carters to.
    If you don’t fit into any of these major niches, it’s easy to feel kinda excluded from the blogosphere. I say this from personal experience. It sucks to tell people you’re a blogger and have them assume you write about lipstick.

    In 2017 unfortunately “blogging” doesn’t have the respect it should- yes it’s an unhappy stereotype- and that many men who could easily be call bloggers are called writers instead. One might argue there is some greater sexism at play there.

    I think there is a lot more going on here than what you’re making it out to be.


  4. Great post! I have to agree, even though I am a female blogger, I’ve seen the difference between male and female bloggers. I have noticed that male bloggers in general aren’t really included but dad bloggers seem to be included really well. And it kind of reminds me of the thing where when a mum does it, it’s normal, but when a dad does it, it’s totally awesome and we should celebrate. If that makes sense lol


  5. I think it’s such a shame that more men aren’t involved in blogging and definitely want to help encourage it! Regardless of anything – age, gender, interests, I firmly believe blogging can be for everyone! Have you thought about trying to set up any male blogging events?! Not necessary male exclusive as we’re promoting inclusivity, but something that features a more male heavy audience or encouraging women to mix with male bloggers?! This is sounding more like a strange blogging speed dating event the more I go on haha! So I shall stop but I’m sure you know what I mean! 🙂

    Love, V x


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