We have the foundations

Looking down at the ground, I see the opportunity to grow. The opportunity to develop. The opportunity to build.

Some people might look at my last few posts as a rant, some might look at them as much-needed content in the blogosphere.

Thing is…we have the foundations.

We have bloggers who want to speak up, who want to share their story and their thoughts and want to collaborate.

Collaboration is the tool we need to use to grow the blogosphere.

Collaboration brings 2 or more people together, and it’s through working together and speaking up together, the building blocks can be added to the foundations.

The foundation is bloggers. Essentially, it’s our passion that’ll develop the building blocks and it’s then the delivery of working together, that’ll create something beautiful.

Not everything is beautiful in the blogosphere, and we all know this, and it’s time we turn those thoughts into actions. It’s time we action these thoughts and bring others together to help create and deliver these actions.

It’s the whole outlook of ‘community’, which shows the passion we all have for working as a team. Working as a team, amplifies the content. The content then reaches more people, and more people want to get involved.

The buzz. The buzz is what we need in the blogosphere.

The buzz will get people taking. The buzz will make people think. The buzz will engage people to get involved.

We promote our blogs in a way we want and we can create a buzz from developing a collaborative community, and what if we promoted in the future in the same we promote our posts?

What if the building blocks are already there? What if it just needs 2 bloggers to get a movement started? What if bloggers are already scratching at the idea, but need support to voice their thoughts?

The blogosphere is incredible for supporting one another, and the support will be key to build upon the foundations.

The foundations are in place and it’s time to build.

Watch this space, as this summer, I will be launching a brand new campaign in the blogosphere to build upon the foundations.


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