Community Champions Week 5

I loved last week’s ‘Community Champions’ post! Not because of the fact it recognised others who deserve to be in the limelight, but also was a thank you post to those who’ve helped me along my own journey.

This week, I wanted to do the same. This time, with 5 more ‘Community Champions’.

Some people can go their entire life without getting recognition, and this new theme behind the series is where I’m taking the ‘Community Champions’ page.

Bloggers don’t recognise those around them that much, and I want to break down the barrier and use this series to now say thanks to all the incredible people who’ve helped me. Who’ve supported me. Who’ve sent me messages to check if I’m alright.

People don’t need to do this, but their selfless acts haven’t gone unnoticed.




I’m a writer, mental health/wellbeing advocate, and aspiring social entrepreneur living in London. I’ve been writing my blog for almost 4 years now (!) It started off as a way of dealing with and exploring my emotions following the death of my mum in 2012, and has since become a space where I try to talk openly about wellbeing and mental health, grief, growing up, and other things that I feel passionate about. I’m a bit of an on/off bloggers as I struggle a lot with setting routines and having stability, but it’s something I’m working on this year!

Reasons why Jenny is my hero: Jenny and I met for the first time last week, but we’ve known each other for some time now. Jenny, is one of my best friends. Jenny is so supportive with everything I do. She’s like my sister and I’m thankful to have her in my life. You can imagine how amazing the hug was when we finally met!




Photo on 21-03-2017 at 13.58

I am 19 years old and I’m a Mum to a little baby princess called Willow Rose. I started my blog in October last year as a way to “offload” and have some me time when baby is sleeping. I wanted to talk all things pregnancy and motherhood, as well as share my mental health stories to raise awareness and hopefully help some others. I ended up throwing in some make up related posts too because make up is my biggest hobby and I lose a lot of money to it.

Reasons why Leah is my hero: Leah is a gem. Leah shines in the @Bloggers_Unity team, and Leah shines in the blogosphere. If you want real and someone who speaks their mind, then Leah is your girl! Leah is a special friend and one that’s always there for me when I need someone to talk to. Thank you Leah for being absolutely beautiful inside and out.





I am a passionate Graphic Designer from Toronto, Ontario. My talents are varied with a predominant focus in Graphic Design and Illustration. I have earned my diploma from The Visual and Creative Arts program at Sheridan college. I also have a blog where I feature my designs, personal posts, I talk about being a freelance graphic designer, and also give some tips if you want to do some on your own.

Reasons why Crystal is my hero: Crystal is my friend from across the pond. Distance doesn’t come between us, when Crystal wants to show her support. I know Crystal is always there for me and the blog, and her support is truly appreciated. I hope one day, we’ll get to meet!





Originally, I created my blog to let go of negative feelings I had for a decade and since starting, it has just become this great passion of mine. I call it my anything and everything blog because I don’t really fit into a specific category as I just write about everything wonderful and weird about life. Because of blogging, I have met some amazing people, which is something I am very grateful for, but most importantly, it’s letting me embrace my individuality and a platform where I can be completely myself.

Reasons why Caroline is my hero: Caroline is my sister from another mister! Her individual presence always brings a smile to my face, and her cheekiness personality always keeps me on my toes. Caroline, you’re amazing! Never change!





I’m Laura, a happily married first time mum from Kent. I started blogging after a series of traumatic events with my newborn daughter, as I find writing very cathartic. I’ve always had a passion for writing and as an introvert offline I find it a good way to get my voice heard and express myself. On my blog, I’ve written about my experiences of my daughter being seriously ill and needing surgery, as well as my severe anxiety afterwards, but I also write about the more light-hearted side of family life as well as my plethora of interests.

Reasons why Laura is my hero: Whenever I’m in a chat, Laura is always there! Laura and I have this supportive friendship, knowing the other person is always there to help. It doesn’t matter how much or how little we talk, I know I’ll always be smiling when Laura is around.



How incredible are Jenny, Leah, Crystal, Caroline and Laura?!

I’m extremely thankful to have these ladies in my life and next week, I’ll be sharing with you 5 more awesome people who I want to say thank you to for their support.



6 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 5

  1. Love these series! Keep ’em coming! I know Crystal – she’s great! The others’ I have not interacted with yet, but all seem so great and supportive!


  2. Thank you so much for this and for letting me be apart of bloggers unity! I love it so much. You’re the greatest and kindest person,thank YOU for everything you do for other people xx


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