Authentic blogging

We hear this word a lot in the blogging world, and we all have come face to face with it, especially when we follow someone online and wonder if they’re authentic or not?

When people ask me why I’m so open and honest about my life, it’s because I want people who meet me to know they’re meeting John, not John’s Road to Volunteering.

There’s this perception about having an online persona, but all I want to do is to throw it in the bin, give it to the dustbin men and say…

“I’m John. John’s Road to Volunteering is the title of my blog, but I’m still the writer! I’m still human! I’m still the guy who goes through ups and downs to share these experiences with you! I’m John”.

Hear that? “I’m JOHN!”

In recent times, I’ve questioned authenticity in the blogging world and how the whole online persona is ruining content and how readers see their favourite bloggers.

Yes, I’m sat here to be a tad controversial, to speak my mind and to share why I’m open with my own story. Controversy is needed. Controversy needs to be discussed. It needs to be read.

There’s no controversy, if there’s no controversy to cause.

What even is controversy when it comes to one’s authenticity?

How many of us see tweets, read blogs and wonder if it’s true? Wonder if the blogger behind the content is being legit?

The world is developing at a rapid pace, and it’s positively impacting the blogging world. Opportunities are seeing bloggers get involved in national campaigns, meaningful collaborations and being featured in the media.

The blogging world at times is similar to the media. People bitch behind another person’s back; an opinion is taken out of context and there’s always a shit-stirrer. The media attempts to influence society, and isn’t that what our aim is as bloggers? Aren’t we trying to influence society? Influence change? Influence our surroundings?

How can we influence when some bloggers are focusing on an online persona? An online persona takes all the crap out of your life, and focuses on the positivity. There’s no such thing as a ‘negative free life’, only the life we want people to see.

Why do we hide parts of our lives from the world? I get some things are really personal, and really shouldn’t be shared, but why can’t we adapt the situations? Why can’t we adapt our privacy settings and turn them into a story-telling setting?

People tend to ask me what blogs I read, and I only read personal stories. I want to hear the nitty gritty moments in someone’s life and how they’re overcoming them.

Personal stories tend to strike a chord in our readers and recently, I’ve shared the darkest moment in my life. I shared my ‘untold story’, as I want people to know me. I want the JRTV community to know me.

I want people to know that I don’t just write about my journey, I talk about it too!

Speaking about your personal struggles is a lot harder than typing them up, hiding behind a computer screen, as you see the emotions first hand. Emotions that to me tell me you’re real. You’re not trying to put on this persona for the sake of future opportunities or for followers.

My persona is ME! My persona is my personality, my thoughts and my actions. I don’t try to edit my life to make people like me. People like people who are authentic.

I don’t know where I was going with this. I think I just wanted to type up my thoughts, and if you’re reading this thinking about whether those you follow are authentic or not, think about yourself first. Is the content you’re uploading authentic? Are you speaking truthfully and sharing pictures without trying to hide your flaws?

 “Hi, I’m John. I’m bald. Have you noticed? I don’t want golden locks, straighter teeth or a life full of positivity! I want life to challenge me. I want life to be shit, so I can come out on top! I want to share my darkest thoughts, my successes and the in between, as John’s Road to Volunteering is me! John’s Road to Volunteering is my journey split into daily blogs.

I will speak my mind. I will let my emotions out. I will be real with you.

I want my past to be my future’s influence and I want my future to be your influence.

I will keep being me, regardless of what’s happening around me!

I’m John Sennett and I’m proud of who I am!”




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