When Plan A doesn’t work

I’m not sure what plan I’m on, but it’s certainly not ‘Plan A’.

‘Plan A’ was to become a professional athlete, further my top 5 UK time (I was a sprinter) for my age group and receive a scholarship in America. Meetings happened, I was set a target, and an injury happened. A single injury ended my athletic future, and I haven’t really run since. This happened when I was 18.

I know I was young, but I didn’t have another plan. I had no clue what I was going to do next. I went from job to job, trying to find my next path. I found a path in Personal Training, which suited me to a tee. Well, that’s what I thought at first. I loved fitness growing up, and I loved being able to put my background to good use, but just under a year in the industry, it became clear it wasn’t for me. ‘Plan B’ wasn’t for me.

Growing up, parents tell you to have a back-up just in case ‘Plan A’ doesn’t work, but why not do the thing you love? Why not do the thing you love until the flame burns out?

I don’t regret sticking to things I love, as thinking about it now, everything I’ve done in my life have had similarities; helping others for one.

When I decided to go into Sports Coaching, I knew I didn’t have the experience, but I did have the passion. I started volunteering to gain experience in the field. That’s how I found disability sport. My goal to become a sports coach is what started my volunteering off.

I know it’s corny, but seeing others develop was the reason I wanted to start volunteering. My athletic background came in handy. I didn’t have direct experience in sports coaching, neither did I really have any knowledge, and yet my background was enough to get the ball rolling.

‘Plan C’ might have been to become a sports coach, and obviously, I’m not one now, however I look back at all these so-called failures and I look at the opportunities I had to learn. The opportunities that have now all been part of my journey and a journey where I’m now helping others.

Despite, my previous plans didn’t necessarily work in a way I wanted them to, each goal has resulted in new skills being developed, a stronger more passionate love to help others and a mindset tackling change, wanting to influence and a ‘Plan D’ in using my volunteering/personal story to good use.

If you’re reading this and thinking about whether your past failures have any significance, then think about in life we have to trial and error. There’s no such thing as a failure, as you’re now doing something you love. If not, you will find it. We learn in life what works for us and what doesn’t, and if I didn’t start volunteering to become a sports coach, maybe I wouldn’t be here right now?!

Funny isn’t it, how one door closed and another one opened?


One thought on “When Plan A doesn’t work

  1. I love this post John! I think it’s so easy to be fixed on ‘Plan A’ as there’s often so much pressure in life to stay on one certain path. I’m still young with hopefully many paths ahead, but looking back, I can already see that all the times I thought things were going wrong and plan A was ‘failing’, the alternative plans actually turned out to be some of the best things that have ever happened to me. It’s funny how life works isn’t it! Lovely positive message to spread though 🙂

    Love, V x


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