Sleeping under the stars with Trinity Winchester

Ever walked passed someone on the street and wondered how you can help?

I’ve had these thoughts for a while now, and when I found out about Trinity Winchester’s ‘Big Sleep Out’, I instantly wanted to get involved.

The ‘Big Sleep Out’ is an event happening in Winchester on May 5th and speaking to Trinity Winchester, they shared this about ‘The Big Sleep Out’; “This event is not an experience of being homeless as we cannot imagine the realities of having no choice but to sleep rough night after night. After the sleep out we will be returning to showers and warm beds, which is not an option for thousands of people across the country. The sleep out is a fun way to raise money, but is also eye opening for people taking part”.

It was the reason I was with the charity yesterday at Hampshire County Council offices.

I love raising awareness as you all know, and the opportunity to speak about homelessness was a touching experience.



First part of yesterday’s awareness day consisted of testing my non-existent DIY/creative skills, putting together a cardboard shelter. It dawned on me, whilst putting up the shelter, how horrific it must be to sleep out on the streets with only a sleeping bag and some cardboard (if you’re able to get your hands onto it!).


This is only part of the work Trinity Winchester do! I had the chance to head down to their offices last week to see first-hand the services they provide and when I was being shown around, it confirmed why I love supporting small charities.

Small charities have tough times when it comes to funding, but often make such an impact. Supporting homeless people into housing and providing a job club, amongst many other things, it gives you an essence at the community feeling around their work. If you know me, I am very much a community focused person.


Just like, when we were raising awareness yesterday for their sleep out, I decided to get creative and have a few teddy bears sitting next to each to show unity.

Unity is what brings people from all walks of life to support a charity like Trinity Winchester, and despite only meeting them last week, I was chatting away to potential fundraisers as if I had been involved for months!





This year’s ‘Big Sleep Out’ has seen 120 people sign up so far, some being individuals, others being local businesses and even the Mayor of Winchester is getting involved. It’s an event for all and an event much needed. It’s a cause I now want to look into further and I’m sure I’ll be getting involved in their work post ‘Big Sleep Out’.

Trinity Winchester have already made a big impact on me, and I’m planning on making a big impact on them too! Receiving donations yesterday has inspired me to turn my first steps into further action, and I just want to thank the team (especially Lucy!) for allowing me to get involved!

IMAG3289 (1).jpg

Part 2 will be live once the ‘Big Sleep Out’ has happened and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to tell.








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