Community Champions Week 6

Every week, I get excited to share with you the latest installment of ‘Community Champions’ and the amazing people I have in my life.

I never take success for my own actions, as I believe everyone who has ever supported John’s Road to Volunteering and even 2 years of volunteering before the blog was created, have given me the motivation to do more. They give me the motivation to succeed.

This week’s bloggers are amazing yet again and here’s why I’ve chosen them to be in the spotlight as part of ‘Community Champions’ week 6…




Hey! I’m Humaira & I blog at The inspiration behind my blog name is that as I go through phases quite a lot, I came up with the idea to do different things every other week & write about them (hence the 1 week) & my nickname has been Mary ever since I was born. So, yeah, I write about bits of fashion, lifestyle and beauty & all that, too!

Reasons why Humaira is my hero: When I spoke up recently about blogging events not being for me, one thing I didn’t say, was the selfless act Humaira did at my first ever event. We had been chatting for a while, but never actually met in person beforehand, and to know I wasn’t alone, as her warm, embracing personality had my back. To me, that takes someone absolutely incredible to do this and she was the reason I smiled. The reason I felt confident to joke about my hair and when she asked me to sign her copy of Blogosphere Magazine, it really made me smile. Thank you Humaira for being a star!




Travel Lifestyle Blogger UK Scotland

I am a wanderlust obsessed soul.

In February 2015 I began my adventure with where I share my best travel secrets starting from budget travel tips, photography, inspiration, where to stay, what to do, and how to maximise your experience. I have a huge soft spot for stylish interior designs, unique fragrances, and mouthwatering food places that only locals know about.

Reasons why Iga is my hero: Whenever Iga and I chat, we always have a laugh. Joking about her Jack Russell stature, not only is she cute on the outside, her personality is a winner. Knowing we’ve never met, and hopefully we will soon, I see a long-lasting friend with someone who constantly makes me smile, keeps me on my toes when her fierce Jack Russell side appears and is truly an amazing individual.





I’m Chelsea, and I’m a student studying Criminal Justice, I’ve always had a passion for writing! Going to the gym and listening to music is another big part of my life, I try to incorporate it the best I can into my blog. I created my lifestyle blog, Think Feel Strong, for self-expression and a place that people can go to for helpful advice on how to be the best versions of themselves. I’m so glad I decided to make the jump into blogging, and can’t wait to continue growing while meeting so many other amazing bloggers, such as John!

Reasons why Chelsea is my hero: When I upload a new blog, Chelsea is reading and commenting. When I’m in a chat, Chelsea is there. Chelsea is a breath of fresh air, a friend we all want and someone I can say I adore. Chelsea, you’re absolutely stunning inside and out. Keep being you and making others smile!




Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I’m Alice & I’m a beauty addict. I thought rather than hoard it and keep It for myself I decided to start up my blog to share what I love with like minded people. I’m also Disney and Harry Potter obsessed. Blogging is THE best thing I have ever done and I’m so proud of myself for doing so.

Reasons why Alice is my hero: I started to tear up writing this. I’m not sure 1. Alice knows how amazing she is and why her blog should be called ‘beauty is Alice’. 2. How much of a difference she’s made to my life.

All I want to do is constantly hug Alice, as I don’t want to let her go. I don’t think enough words can describe how truly incredible Alice is and how I seriously look up to her. Because of Alice and her constantly warm presence, I’m so proud of who I am, and I’m proud of you Alice! (*Hand me the tissues*)





We started our blog in January this year, as we wanted a place to put our thoughts and opinions on all the things we love. We have met some amazing people through blogging and are very grateful. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to us and we are loving it.

Reasons why Lauren/Maddy are my heroes: When I got a tweet on the day of #BlogConLDN and it was Lauren/Maddy saying they wanted to talk to me, but never had the chance, I felt guilty. That was until we started talking properly, and I fell in love these two INCREDIBLE people! Not only do they read every blog post, they always send me a message to let me know they’re thoughts. I call them ‘double trouble’, but in reality, they’re two of the sweetest people I know and I can stand proudly and call them my friends. Let’s rephrase that…my sisters!

I can’t wait to spend time with them in April, get to know them more (even though we text so much) and have fun at the London Marathon! Yes, Lauren/Maddy are volunteering with me on the day!

Twitter (Lauren)|Twitter (Maddy)|Blog (combined)


One thing I love about all of this week’s ‘Community Champions’ is they’ve all supported me in different ways and are truly amazing people. People like Humaira, Iga, Chelsea, Alice, Lauren and Maddy are who I adore in life, and the selfless acts they do, especially unaware of what they do, is why I want to do more for others.

Everyone this week are not only supporters of John’s Road to Volunteering, they’re also my friends.


We’re back next week, same time, this time with 5 more amazing people in the spotlight!





11 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 6

  1. LOVED THIS JOHN!!! You’re too sweet lol. “Chelsea’s always there”, yeah I have a slight Twitter addiction, I’m always on there. Love reading this series weekly and I am thrilled you wanted me a part of this week’s post! Hugs!


  2. This is so amazingly sweet! I love the idea that you mention people who are your heroes and why. We should always encourage each other instead of tearing down. This is lovely ♥


  3. I LOVE this ~ it’s so nice to see such lovely people here, and the fact that they really influenced you. It’s also great how you’ve allowed them to introduce themselves but also have told us why you love them. Thank you for sharing such a kind and lovely post 🙂


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