Blog relevance part 1

One of the toughest parts of blogging is figuring out what content is relevant. We could have 1000s of readers, but without knowing more about their preferences and balancing them out with what you want to share, content will not have the impact you want.

It took me some time to realise this, and seeing what’s happening in my journey right now, this topic is so relevant (like what I did there?!). I’m about to hit 10K on Twitter, which if you said to me last year, I would have laughed. I would have laughed as I didn’t know what I was doing, what content to put out there and why it’s so important to be ourselves.

Being yourself is relevant!

Bloggers at times have this online persona to replicate what readers want, but what readers want is an authentic blogger. Readers want to know the person behind the blog, and the content we share is the underlying factor to engaging, interacting and building rapport with our community.

Our community starts off with a few followers. I remember random people, who had no relevance to my blog or its content, following me for the sake of it. That’s not relevant!

What’s relevant is learning as we go. We don’t create a blog, buy the domain and know instantly where our relevance lies, as blogging is a learning process. It’s taken me time to know that my relevance is my actions, my thoughts and my interactions.

I run polls regularly, new blog series’ to test the water. I want to know what my readers want and I adapt my experiences to fit their needs. I find the balance between my wants/needs and my readers wants/needs.

Readers want to be part of your journey.

But you have to do it at the right time. Things change. We change. Our wants and needs change and so do our readers. Readers want to see how we’re adapting to changes and how we’re developing with time.

Reacting to change = relevance

How many bloggers talk about followers? How many bloggers talk about their followers in a community sense? How many bloggers talk call their followers ‘fans’?

The relevance our blog has, is based on our stories, our personal journey. We all don’t have the same relevance, as everyone is different, and this is where individuality and having an authentic voice comes into play.

Why should we change because another blogger is changing? Why do the same topics if someone else is doing them? Their relevance is not our relevance.

Relevance has to be unique to us and that’s how readers react. Readers want to know the content they’re reading is individual to us; written in our own way, in our own thoughts.

What does relevance mean to you? I want to hear your thoughts!

P.S Part 2 is going live on Wednesday!


8 thoughts on “Blog relevance part 1

  1. I think it’s so important to create strong content that you genuinely believe in and are passionate about. Regular readers will want to be part of your journey xx


  2. I believe it’s important to be you every step of the way. Although there are so many how tos out there. The best content, in my opinion, is the one that comes from the heart and brings you closer to your readers.


  3. I agree with you 100% You should always be your self, if everyone is writing about the same topics it becomes super boring. No two people share the same life, so bloggers writing about their lifestyle will always be interesting to me.


  4. Enjoyed reading this refreshing post,John and it really resonated with me. I was also very interested in the readers’comments too. It’s great when people have the courage to stand out from the crowd and you’re encouraging us to do that.


  5. Love this post and have definitely found myself confused over my relevancy on starting out! Figured I will just write about anything that inspires me and go from there! Whether that’s a ‘simple’ beauty product or a more personal life post.
    Also, I love the poll feature on Twitter! It’s a great way to interact with readers 🙂

    Love, V x


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