Why does John’s Road to Volunteering work?

Why does John’s Road to Volunteering work? It’s something I’ve been questioning for some time now. What is it about me and my journey that attracts attention?

Is it my personality? How I’m so open about my past experiences, present thoughts and future goals?

I put it down to the whole package.

The whole package is my life, who I am today and what I’m doing for the charity sector. Did I mention the uniqueness of being a charity/volunteering blogger?

We have to remember that I’m pretty much on my own, doing my own thing and just loving the journey. Blogging is still pretty unknown to many in the charity sector, and how I’m using the platform to tell my story is what’s getting the attention. It’s making people react.

Attention can come in many forms, and during my 2 ½ years blogging, I’ve guest blogged (charities have guest blogged on JRTV and JRTV has guest blogged on various charity websites), collaborated with charities in 6 continents, assisted with local and national campaigns and spoke in person, on the phone and in podcasts. I’ve even advised some of the world’s most well-known charities and TV channels! Yes, I’ve been an advisor for a TV producer.

I’m a spokesperson for volunteering.

Why? Because of the lack of blogging in the sector, I’m able to tell my story in a different way. I’m telling my story in a 2017 way. I’m doing what charities should be doing in keeping up with trends, collecting volunteer stories and shouting out about the work they do.

The services charities provide wouldn’t happen without volunteers, and this is where I focus. I focus on volunteers, and using my personal story to inspire and motivate more volunteers to get involved. I find potential volunteers want to hear ‘success’ stories and how volunteering has changed volunteers lives, as we’ve got to remember, it’s a ‘give and get back’ incentive, volunteering.

I give my time, I open up about my stories and people relate. When people relate, more opportunities appear in my inbox and more people want to volunteer. It’s a snowball effect, John’s Road to Volunteering. John’s Road to Volunteering has grown and grown since the launch in September 2014, and 2017 has already started off in a big way.

I wouldn’t be here creating projects for this year, next year and in 2019, if people didn’t relate. If charities didn’t relate. If I didn’t believe I have a lot more to give.

My confidence intrigues others.

I know I’ve made a difference. I know the smiles I’ve seen on those around me have left a lasting impact. I know what I have coming up will inspire more people to get involved, and recently receiving messages from bloggers wanting to volunteer and knowing I was a person that could signpost them, just shows that when you have a story, when you’ve been on a journey, to share it!


People love reading the stories others have been on, and how it’s that term ‘relate’ again. When people relate they will come back. They will engage. They will interact.

John’s Road to Volunteering isn’t about me. I focus my intentions on building a community and providing a platform people can come to, knowing I write, volunteer and speak from my heart.

John’s Road to Volunteering has worked, as I’m living proof how volunteering can change your life. If I didn’t write a blog, how would people know my story?

I’ve put myself out of my comfort zone time and time again, looking for the next challenge and opportunity to share my past. I pride myself on my honest, no boundary approach and my drive to change this world.

I might have one goal, be on one journey and be one man, but this one man is making a difference.



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