The joker and his hair (well lack of)

Wherever I go, whoever I meet, my hair is always a talking point. The mm’s (that’s pushing it) of golden locks, swaying in the wind and glowing in the sunlight, are always something I tend to joke about.

I had a receding hairline showing when I was 19, and I was really body conscious at the time, so shaving my head wasn’t seen as something I’d regret.



I never thought I’d say that, as I always used to make fun of my dad for his lack of hair, but I now have less hair than him! Sounds like karma is biting me in the bum!

Whenever there’s an opportunity, I’ll tell a joke. I’ll tell a joke making fun of myself; normally comparing myself to Phil Mitchell – he was the first bald actor to come to mind.

I joke, as that’s part of my personality. My personality shines a light on every aspect of me and my life and my baldness is part of it. I actually think losing my hair gave me confidence.


I was never a confident person growing up, and yet I can stand in a room full of strangers, talk about my passions and then mention volunteering wasn’t the cause of my hair loss.

I love making people smile, and laughing is part of this. Hair jokes are my favourite and it’s obvious when you meet me. I can’t express how much light bounces of my head and how much my head helps with my blog photography, especially when there’s no natural light.

I want to bring a positive environment to the blogging and volunteering world and really anyone I meet, and if that means taking the piss out of myself, then so be it.



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