Community Champions Week 7

I can’t believe ‘Community Champions’ has been running for nearly 2 months!

When I came up with the idea for the series, I knew I wanted to thank people who’ve supported my journey. It’s an act of kindness for someone to reach out to you when you’re down or to send you a message letting you know you’re doing good.

Each of today’s ‘Community Champions’ are amazing in their own rights and it’s time to tell you why…


Issy DP

I’m Issy and I write regularly over at which started off as a beauty blog but has since moved on to cover all aspects of my life including interiors and careers and with the addition of the other half writing some posts and more recently, coverage of our infertility problems and treatments.

Reasons why Issy is my hero: I don’t think there’s been a chat between Issy and I, where the word ‘dickhead’ isn’t used, and that’s because we’re so alike. Issy speaks her mind and I love that about her! I love how completely honest she is about who she is and her life, and it’s a reflection of the incredible person she is. Issy, you’re a dickhead! Never forget that!





I am a Cardiothoracic Critical Care Nurse who writes a blog about the little things I love in life. Books, Beauty and taking pictures everywhere and anywhere. Oh and Coffee!

Reasons why Fay is my hero: One of the warmest personalities in the blogging world and someone I can call a close friend. Fay’s heart is huge, and so is her mouth! (I expect a message about that!) She’s not afraid to speak her mind and her honesty is just one of many things I love about her. When I’ve needed advice, she’s been there for me, and that’s a true friend. Fay, I miss you! I need to see you and to give you a big hug to thank you for quite simple…being awesome!





I am 27 years of age, from Liverpool and I’m a huge music and coffee lover who blogs about everything health & fitness, fashion and lifestyle related.

Reasons why Kev is my hero: My bearded brother is always there. It doesn’t matter that we don’t speak very often, as Kev’s presence is always known. A guy who I think undersells himself and doesn’t realise how great he is! Kev, you’re awesome! Keep being you!




IMG_0734 (1).JPG

In the day, I am a teaching assistant trying to help inspire young children, whilst studying Childhood and Youth Studies with the Open University. At night, I am a lifestyle and opinion blogger and known on ‘Chasing My Desire’. I love to share my views and opinion through my blog, as I feel other people may share my thoughts or my thoughts may help or inspire others.

Reasons why Abbie is my hero: Abbie is the one person I don’t think my life could do without. We’re always there for one another and know we have one another’s back. Her warm smile is just a glimpse of the stunner Abbie is, and if you want to know someone who makes me happy, then Abbie is that person. I think Abbie is the meaning of ‘beautiful’.





I’m Phil!, A freelance creative (Design, Photography, Video/Music production); who has also added blogging to my arsenal of creative outlets.

I Say Old Chap; is an everyday blog (lifestyle) A place on the internet to share my musings. It’s also a space that has allowed for me to better understand my Depression & Anxiety.

Reasons why Phil is my hero:  I have so much respect for Phil and the guy he is!  Phil’s always there to show his support, and to know he’s using his blog to better his MH, that’s inspirational! Phil is a guy you all need to check out, as he’s one of the most genuine people I know!



All it takes is one kind action for me to remember, that sees someone featured in the series, and Issy, Fay, Kev, Abbie and Phil continue to support me in ways I’m so thankful for.

Thank you to all ‘Community Champions’ in today’s post for being bloody amazing people!

The series is back same time, next week, with 5 more incredible bloggers.

See you then!


3 thoughts on “Community Champions Week 7

  1. This is such a lovely positive post! It’s the first of your community champion posts I’ve read, I’ll have to look out the others!


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