Blog relevance part 2

In my 2 ½ years in blogging, I’ve learned more about myself, my passions, and how to use my voice. I’ve learned, to be relevant I have to keep learning.

I have to keep learning by taking myself out of my comfort zone, to test the person I am and who I might be. When I first started blogging, I had a cheeky personality, but I never truly understood how to use it. (It’s a bit too cheeky now!)

When I started getting involved in blogger chats, I learned I have the confidence to be cheeky around strangers and I have the confidence to start conversations.

Looking back at part 1 of my blog relevance series, I spoke about adapting to change and how it’s important when bringing your readers with you on your journey. I tend to adapt my ways quite often, despite being a stubborn git. I learn to adapt with the changing needs of my readers, as that’s why I write John’s Road to Volunteering. I write to use my story to influence the future.

The future tends to be perceived as the unknown, but we have control of it. The authentic voice and the transparent lifestyle we have can be used to adapt to change. Our stories, our directions in life and our passions change. They change, as that’s part of life.

When we grow up, we look at things differently. I certainly look at blogging in a different way than I did when I started in 2014. I don’t feel like the same person, as I’ve grown up. My blogs have changed, as I’ve grown up. Everything about the blog is changing, as I’m growing up.

Growing up, we learn what works best for us. When we know, what works for us, our blog becomes relevant. Content becomes relevant, as our readers understand who we are as a person, and the importance of staying true to ourselves becomes top priority.

Priorities in blogging should start with who we are and our passions. Why write about something we have no interest in just for the views? Just for a freebie? When we write about a topic we don’t care about, our readers can tell. Our readers can tell, as when you’re true with your readers, they become your community.

A community who support you no matter what, having your back throughout the ups and downs, and it’s because your content is relevant. It’s relevant to you, your journey and your readers.

There’s no shame blogging for yourself or blogging for your readers, as all of our journeys are different, our wants and needs from blogging are different and our content is different.


I’ll be talking about relevance again tomorrow. This time about hitting 10K and why the number doesn’t define who I am or my journey.


One thought on “Blog relevance part 2

  1. This blog post resonates a lot with me. I started blogging in 2015, and what I write about has changed so much. It’s crazy to think that when I first started, I hadn’t even received a diagnosis for a disability I now talk about loads on my blog. I definitely think people can tell when you write about something you aren’t enjoying–their writing isn’t as passionate. When I was writing about things I wasn’t 100% into, I found I wasn’t as excited/committed to blog as I am now.


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