10K doesn’t define me

When I hit 10K on Twitter last week, I didn’t know how to respond; celebrate, cry or a bit of both.

I’ve never been a numbers focused person, as how can you put a statistic on your personal journey? A personal journey to me is more about the impact you have behind the scenes. The behind the scenes actions you’re unable to see, unless someone tells you of your impact.

Receiving messages from others wanting advice on how to start volunteering and where to look for a role is the kind of impact I want. The same goes for the blogging world. I want others to come to me for advice on how to expand their content, share their first personal post and how to develop more of a community on social media.

Receiving a message is a sign of the behind the scenes impact.

Impact can come in many forms, and considering I’ve put myself out there, sometimes a tad too much, I see many wanting to focus on likes, retweets, page views, hitting milestones, working with brands, and that’s OK. You’re OK to have a preference. It’s not my preference though.

My preference is knowing my personal story is having an impact offline and knowing my story is shared via word of mouth. Word of mouth is a significant unknown when understanding your impact, and it’s the way I like it. I don’t want to know about the stats behind the impact, as I’m happy with any kind of impact.

It doesn’t matter to me if I have 1000, 10,000 or 100,000 followers, as in some way, your personal story could be reaching millions…you just don’t know it!

I don’t want to know about the stats, as I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I don’t want to be the ‘stats minded’ individual, focusing on projects that’ll boost their numbers, as you could have 10K followers, but have no impact.

We as a community focus our attentions on the things we can see, not the things we can’t see.

If I went and volunteered today, I know my impact would be the people I would have helped, but the ‘real’ impact is what happens after. Are they still talking about the time I gave? Are they talking about my actions?

The same goes with blogging. How are you leaving an impact where the things we see don’t matter? Are people reading your content, coming back, and talking about it to others?

Creating a buzz is what I want. I want to know my journey is helping others, without necessarily knowing about it. It’s a bit odd I know, but when I think back to my 4 years of volunteering, I didn’t necessarily know about the impact my hours were giving, but the opportunities were there. The opportunities were there to work with more charities, to find out more about myself through self-innovative projects and a road ahead based on more impact.

I want my impact to be the unknown, so I’m constantly testing it. I no longer feel like I’m ever out of my comfort zone, as that’s the journey I’m on. The journey I’m on is to act like a superhuman with no barriers, and I don’t want statistics to appear as a potential brick wall, because I will break it down.

10K is great for knowing people want to follow my journey, but the real journey is the journey’s starting because of my story. I want to impact others in unthinkable ways and to keep doing what I love.

What I love is knowing my story is helping others and my love isn’t going to be a statistic.




14 thoughts on “10K doesn’t define me

  1. Big big congrats to 10k John! It’s very true, although it’s great to reach that number, it isn’t necessarily what your journey is about – a number doesn’t define the lives you have touched because you very well could be touching MANY more! But congratulations, hope so much more success continues to go your way!


  2. I know you said it doesn’t define you in any way, but still, congratulations on reaching 10,000 followers! With how charismatic, interactive and helpful you are through your Twitter–and your blog–it’s not a surprise that so many people have been able to connect with the stories you’ve shared about your own life. I’m sure you have impacted more lives than you know. You have inspired me to be more open about my own life on my blog after the personal things you’ve shared, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.


  3. Amazing post. Echoing the previous comments, congratulations on 10k – regardless of how you feel, it’s amazing that you and your stories have reached that many people, that can make a huge difference. Just keep doing what you’re doing – focusing​ on your journey rather than numbers 🙂
    Hels x


  4. Hi – really liking your reflections on gaining so many followers. Is it embarrassing to admit that I saw the title and thought “Oh, he ran a race!”
    Well done and it’s clear you are having a positive influence on others. Keep up inspiration!


  5. Such a motivational post. I wouldn’t want my number of followers (on any of my social networking sites) define who I am as well. And whether people appreciate or not on what you’ve done, it’s really your sincere thought that counts. If you’re a good man, then best believe that you are. Oh, congrats on your 10k by the way!


  6. It’s amazing that you’ve hit such a large following and can share your story with a larger audience, but also totally appreciate that it’s not about the numbers and love that you see it this way! So many people become too obsessed with them and beat themselves up over not having the followers they want!


  7. ‪And this is why I love reading your blog!! You are so down to earth and inspirational for so many – Me included! You have certainly had a big positive impact on my own life, a beacon of light in my twitter mentions and it’s been really lovely to start to get to know you a little bit more each time! I really hope one day I can meet you properly! You really drive me to be more open and honest about my life, no matter what!
    All the love! Xx

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


  8. Congratulations on 10k, that is awesome! But I totally feel where you are coming from on not letting it define you! It doesn’t have to be all about followers!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk


  9. One personal message must be worth a thousand followers, you’re changing people’s lives with the work you do and the people you inspire. It’s great that you’ve reached 10k and can get the message to a wider audience but that number doesn’t define your success. Great post xx

    Love Sophia xx http://sophiawhitham.co.uk


  10. This post puts a lot of things in a new perspective for me. Impact is more valuable than numbers, but I guess those numbers are just reflecting the impact your making on other’s lives.
    Anyway, congratulations on 10K 🙂

    x Envy


  11. Congrats on reaching 10k…this was a very eye opening post, it’s so easy to get caught up in the numbers, especially in the world of blogging, but what matters most is the passion we put into what we do, regardless of what it is..or how many likes/follows we gain. Helping people is an amazing thing, well done you!


  12. First on all, congrats John! It’s true that numbers aren’t the most important at all – it’s about doing what you love and are passionate about and being able to influence others. Value is created when someone finds our work useful or can take something away from it. A number shouldn’t define us at all. Thank you for putting this out there 🙂


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