Be the legacy

Yesterday’s post was all about impact over numbers, and it was coincidental the behind the scenes impact was shown by the comments, messages and tweets I received post upload.

I want to open up to you all today about my life goal. I’m a corny git, knowing my future is to help others, and if you saw my Blogosphere Magazine feature or the blog post dedicated to being in Issue 12 (click here for the post), you’ll know there was a quote mentioning “Many people feel like they’re not given an opportunity in life, so I give them one”.

The more and more I blog, I notice many go unheard. Many go unheard, and yet have such powerful stories to tell. When I started my volunteering journey in 2012, someone saw something in me. They saw my potential. Since getting involved in the charity, and knowing I’ve been going back and forth to support their projects since, I want my story to be a reason others progress.

I want my story to leave a legacy.

I want to know the actions I take, others will benefit. There’s nothing I love more than seeing a tweet, and turning the tweet into a guest blog. Many people I collaborate with or invite to guest blog have never done so before, and it’s knowing their first time will be on John’s Road to Volunteering is a humbling feeling. It’s even better when they feel JRTV is a platform to share thoughts and experiences they’ve never shared publicly before.

The same goes for charities and volunteers. As blogging isn’t seen as a priority in the sector, John’s Road to Volunteering is a platform others trust to share their story.

I haven’t even started.

The longer I’m blogging, the more I want to do. When I gave more of my time to volunteering, leaving a legacy was the aim. I want to know, just like I pointed out in yesterday’s post, that I want to have a behind the scenes impact.

I want to know that whatever I decide to do, someone somewhere will positively be impacted by my posts, my experiences and my thoughts. I want to know what I’m doing isn’t for my benefit, but for others.

I’m dedicating my life to the service of others.

When I see/hear others believing it’s them, why they’re not receiving opportunities, I can’t see it happen. I WON’T SEE IT HAPPEN! I believe everyone has the potential to achieve their dreams, many just need the opportunity to kickstart their future.

Influencers don’t just create opportunities for themselves, but they create opportunities for others.

I have a lot of collaborations, series’, campaigns and volunteering projects for everyone to get their teeth into and I will continue providing opportunities to others.

Everyone deserves to have a voice.

Whether you’ve been good or bad in the past, isn’t it about time we give opportunities equally?

If I wasn’t given the opportunity in 2012, would I be here now? Would I have the voice I have? Would I be making the impact I’m making?

Next time, you hear someone wanting a chance or you see a tweet stating someone doesn’t feel heard, make them heard! Support them! Signpost them if maybe.

My legacy will be the opportunities I’ve given others and how I’m using my story to do something I love. We all have the opportunity to make a difference, it’s just up to us how we do it.

Volunteering is my story. Blogging is my legacy.


3 thoughts on “Be the legacy

  1. A very inspiring piece. I think we all leave behind a legacy, good or bad. Your goals are more intentional, and I feel like sometimes we need a push to remember that we can’t just fumble through life. We need goals, and we need to drive ourselves to accomplish those goals. I think you’re doing pretty darn well from what I can see. Keep doing your thing.

    Ashlynn |


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