Part one of four fundraising 2017 complete


My first event the Lincoln 10k and I feel totally ready for it I’ve trained well , even stuck to it on holiday in Tenerife, going for jogs up and down the beach front from los cristianos to las Americas early morning before the sun was fully up, all the red wine and big meals slowed me down but not too much.

[UNSET] (1).jpg

I went out boozing the night before the run which wasn’t the best decision I’d ever made but woke early feeling quite fresh and fired some oats and berries down for a bit of fuel. It was a right good atmosphere at the start line and I started fast over first 2k then panicked thinking I’d gone too quick, then started thinking how much of a bad idea going out was, then started thinking how bad marathon was going to be and the half marathon for that matter. I had to stop and slacken of my calf and shin splint support because it was on that tight my foot was going numb. At about 5k to 8k I found my stride took a look at my fit bit and realised I was on for a good time and was really enjoying the run, there was bands dotted along the route and the crowds were big and cheering like made. I dropped a little on at 8k to 9k but finished really strong with a bit of a sprint finish #beast mode.

[UNSET] (2)

I got a time of 46:22 which I was absolutely buzzing with, I did a 10k about 5 years ago with a time of 51:10.

I picked up my medal and t shirt and got a snap with are Betsy in front of the cathedral the whole day and event was brilliant even the sunĀ even came out as I enjoy a pint before we set off home.

[UNSET] (5)

All training and events from now on are all new to me, I always knew I’d be ok with 10k but now this is when things start to get serious. But first things first, I read an article saying the biggest mistake runner make is sticking to training programs and not listening to there bod. My left shin and calf are screaming for me to give them a break so I’m going to have a rest for a few days at least.

Roll on half marathon.

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