Moving forward as a community

During last night’s #BlogHour, I asked…

“Has the blogging community progressed in the first 3 months of 2017 or have we stayed where we are?”

I’ve been thinking about this lately, and seeing little movement forward as a community, I wanted to raise my thoughts on how we can build more of a community in the blogosphere. There’s a lot of stigmas in the blogosphere and many start within the community. OK, there’s many misconceptions from non-bloggers, but when we talk about things with fellow bloggers, there’s not normally a lot of forward movement.

We talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

Ask before you judge

There’s a lot of bitchiness amongst bloggers, and the one thing I don’t understand is why we don’t ask others why they think what they do? Why they’re doing those actions we don’t necessarily agree with?

We’re not always going to agree with everyone, boy, I’ve disagreed with some of my closest friends at times, but I like to ask them why. By asking why someone thinks something or why they’re doing that action, we’re giving them an opportunity to voice. We’re opening up the blogosphere to new opinions, thoughts and actions, which in my eyes, we really need to do, to move forward.

We might all blog, but we all have different goals from our content.

Goal setting as a community

When there’s stigmas, people react. People react in different ways, and I think it’s time we used our individual approaches for the bigger picture. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of talk about follower counts when working with brands, with many responding engagement is more important than numbers. Hey! I’ve even mentioned this in a recent post.

We talk so much about this in the community, and isn’t it about time we stand up together to show engagement rates are significant for small bloggers? Small bloggers tend to feel under-appreciated with follower counts being the focus for brand collaborations and campaigns, and yet we have an opportunity…

Why do you think I give others an opportunity to guest blog on John’s Road to Volunteering? Yeah, part of it is to give them a chance to share their story, but the main reason is to show small bloggers can do just as good of a job than large bloggers.

Engaging others is always a lot more fun when you have peeps to do it with.

Learning from others

Large bloggers or at least those with high engagement rates, need to start teaching others how to make a blog successful. It’s all well and good increasing your numbers and being classed as a large blogger, but many large bloggers forget their roots. Many blog about luxury brands many can’t afford and end up irrelevant to the majority of their following.

Education isn’t based on numbers. Education is based on the value of interaction, and learning from others in the blogosphere is a great way to move in the right direction.

How can we say we’re a ‘community’, if we’re not supporting others with our wisdom?


How many bloggers still haven’t collaborated with another blogger and are yet to understand if working with others is right for them? Collaborations are great to reach a wider audience and to learn from the person you’re blogging with.

I have a lot of collaborations coming up over the next few months with others who’ve never collaborated before, and it’s an exciting time knowing…


This August, I will be launching my 2nd blogging campaign! I was blown away with the success of #iblogbecause last year, that this year, I will be giving others an opportunity to collaborate with 100’s (well hopefully 1000’s) within the blogging community to speak up about diversity and how we’re bloggers regardless of the content we produce, our backgrounds and every aspect of life and blogging.




8 thoughts on “Moving forward as a community

  1. Oh God, I totally know the feeling with the bitchyness! I don’t think some people realise not everyone in the world is going to have the same views, and that it’s okay it’s like that. I disagree with people on a lot of things all the time, but unless it’s something like racism where there’s definitely a right or wrong, I keep my mouth shut! I do me, you do you, they do them sorta thing.

    This campaign also sounds super interesting! Kudos for setting it up! Hope it all goes well!


  2. Ooooo I loved the bomb shell at the end of this post!
    But yes I completely agree.
    It was nice to read this post as I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately with the blogging community. My main audience is local and I have a big loyal following mainly from Facebook which I am very thankful for and proud, I work very hard, but one of my goals starting from this month was to make more of an effort with the blogging community… not for views or even interaction on my blog but just for making friends and gettjng inspired and involved more than anything but I do sometimes just feel like Billy no mates. I have been getting involved with some linkys lately which is helping me to feel more involved and I’m commenting on more blogs (as opposed to just reading and running). This post did inspire me, thank you 🙂 and can’t wait for the campaign


  3. I love this! I often feel overwhelmed in the community – but you especially, make me feel very welcome, even though I’m very small just rambling about my life! As per usual, you have really inspired me! And I can’t wait to find out about your news! As always, love to you! x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


  4. Completely agree with everything you said here. Whilst the blogging community is very supportive, it can seem a little ‘cliquey’, and very daunting for those who are starting out. I also agree when you say that larger bloggers need to teach smaller bloggers about the art of success – we need to look out for one another and be more approachable to those starting out x


  5. Wise words as always! Bigger bloggers being supportive and welcoming makes a huge difference to those just starting out and it’s something you do so well!


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