Behind the head shots explained…




My journey is an adventure. I tend to travel to various places now; local and national to share my story. My story as we all know by now has had its ups and downs, with many life experiences being shared on John’s Road to Volunteering.

When you look at most pictures accompanying my written content, many are taken from behind. Many shots are the back of my head looking out into the distance, and in tonight’s post, I want to share why most of my pictures are like this and why I think it’s important for my readers to see what I see.

I’m a bit odd. I’m happy to admit this. I’m odd in a sense I’m very unique. I have a heart of gold, yet a strategic mind-set and when I sit down to write my content, I think about the kind of pictures I think best suits the content.

As I’m on a journey, most of my pictures need to ‘real’. Life is shit at times, and I want my pictures to reflect this. I want my pictures to be as authentic as my voice and written content and when you see what I see, you’re part of that journey.

Pictures of me smiling are great. When I have moments of self-recognition, I will share my cheeky grin to the world, but most of my journey is hard-fought; the nitty gritty content most people don’t share.

I want people to know they’re not only a reader, but an individual or group who are here to be part of my journey. Who ARE part of my journey! Who are part of my blog’s community!

Knowing my journey is taking me to all these different kinds of places, meeting loads of new people, I want that to reflect what you see. I want that to reflect what you feel.

I’m not here to sugar-coat my story, I’m here to give you a personal insight into the life of John Sennett.

John Sennett is an open guy, yes with very little hair, who loves helping others. Helping others means I have to open up to you about the dark days and the good days, to give you hope of succeeding in your own life, and without the authenticity behind the content, there’s no meaning.

My blog’s meaning is to be honest, and yes, at times to make you cry. I want you to feel every emotion I put into my content, and yes, when I look out to the see, I look out hidden behind a tree or when I look at the Big Ben, I want you to feel like you are next to me.

Behind the head shots give my content purpose. It gives it purpose by giving you a purpose to read my life’s ramblings. I want you to see what I see and when I use my surroundings to transfer my life experiences into content, I want you to see how I’ve done that.

Behind the head shots are not for my amusement at how my receeding hairline is noticeable, especially when I don’t shave my head for a few weeks, but I want the shots to be part of your journey.

Yes, it’s my journey, and my personal story, but there’s always space for everyone on my journey.

So that’s it. You now know a little bit more about why the majority of my shots are of the back of my head.

Tomorrow, my favourite series is back, with the 8th week of Community Champions featured! See you same time tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Behind the head shots explained…

  1. I absolutely love this! A beautifully written post again, you have a wonderful way of conveying such emotion through your style. I’ve always been drawn into your photos accompanying your blog and always seen it as representing the journey around you and the outlook of going forwards – just my personal take!

    Love, V x


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