Top tips to collaborating with bloggers

Collaborating is something I love doing. Being able to share your thoughts with someone is amazing; finding common ground and similar passions.

‘Community Chooses Week’; my monthly series gives you, the readers the power over the content, and is an example of collaboration. Collaboration can come in many other forms; guest hosting chats, sharing thoughts in a q & a, answering a poll or like the focus in this post…collaborating with other bloggers in post form.

Many bloggers I’m teaming up with in the very near future, have never collaborated with someone before. Understanding the unsure nature of how a collaboration works, who makes the first move and how to structure a blog post has inspired me to write today’s post. Not only because you chose the topic.

I met the amazing Lauren and Maddy yesterday; twin bloggers who are sharing their love for beauty and lifestyle. Lauren, Maddy and I spent the day together in London, talking all things blogging, helping each other with photography and endearing one another in our ideas to collaborate.

Lauren and Maddy’s first collaboration will be with me very soon, and following up from yesterday, I want to share the top tips I gave them on how to make meaningful collaborations work for all parties and for the readers.

Keep it simple

Remember your first ever blog post, what did you write about? I remember introducing myself to the world, as it was simple and didn’t put too much pressure on me too soon.

Keeping it simple in a collaboration helps conversation flow and emerge your mind into creative ideas.

Set ground rules

When you do something for the first time, rules are normally in place. When collaborating with someone for the first time, understand it’s a two way process. The content has to work for you and the other person. Setting ground rules early means you know where each other stands and what to expect.

Read each other’s blogs

I know it sounds like common sense, but people have wanted to collaborate with me before, but hadn’t read my content. Before agreeing to a post, understand who someone is, not only by conversing in discussion, but also through their content. Get an idea how someone writes and take the time to figure out if you think their style would be suitable for your readers.

Interact outside of the collaboration

Many of my collaborations start in a twitter chat. When I see common ground, I begin to consider if a collaboration would work for me. Interacting outside of the norm, gives you a chance to turn the collaboration into a friendship and develop meaningful rapport with the other party.

Make time for one another

There’s nothing worse like a collaboration with no interaction. Outside of all the chats, make time to talk to each other, check if the other person is happy with your sections and learn from one another. Sometimes speaking to one another can add something completely different to your part of the collaboration.

Equal out the content

Linking in the ‘set ground rules’ point, make sure you equal out the content straight away. Understand for a collaboration to work, both parties have to know what parts of the blog they’re writing.

Share each other’s links

Collaborating isn’t only the content being upload, it’s the before, during and after. When you work with someone, share their amazing work. SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!

Combine your creative minds

Every collaboration I do, I look to do something different. I always ask the other person what ideas have they, as I want our content to be unique to us. A collaboration is showing off both parties personality, loves and thoughts.

Take random pictures

Photography can be a tricky customer when collaborating, but during my time with Lauren and Maddy yesterday, when we saw a picture opportunity we took it. Random pictures can help bring out your creative side. What if that one random picture you took could be the most amazing translation of written content to visually pleasing content?

Be honest

If you don’t think a collaboration is going to work for you, just say. Yes, it can be disheartening, but being honest, gives a greater chance of a collaboration in the future. If that’s what you want.

If you ever fancy collaborating, give me a shout and Lauren, Maddy, thank you so much for an incredible day yesterday! I know the flowers behind us are pretty, but you two are out of this world!


Disclaimer: The blog post’s main feature was taken by Maddy. 

Lauren and Maddy’s links…

Twitter: Lauren + Maddy  (Blog)


9 thoughts on “Top tips to collaborating with bloggers

  1. This is really helpful! As I’m writing more content and my blog is gradually moulding in to what I’d like it to be, I’ve been really interested in collaborating. I haven’t really been to sure on where to start or what type of collabs to do, but this post is pushing me in a good direction!

    Thank you 🙂


  2. I found this really helpful because I’ve never done a collaboration before, although it’s something I’ve wanted to do. The points in this blog make it seem like a more simplified process than what I thought it was. This blog post has helped me a lot so thank you!


  3. You know how much I love collaborating an knowing other bloggers so obviously I love your post! I agree with everything you shared, especially the part interacting with bloggers outside of the collaboration, it’ fundamental.



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