Jessica’s story

me blog jrtvVolunteering saved my life. I could tell you all the ways that it has done that but this post would end up being like a novel. My story starts off in 2009, Secondary School and yep…they were the worst 5 years of my life. Bullying and struggling so much academically, I just watched my confidence and self-esteem crumble before my eyes.

Started College as a media student and with only 1 GCSE and 2 BTEC’S under my belt I felt ashamed. College was going so well, making friends and was enjoying my work, filming videos, creating websites and learning more about the media industry. Then BOOM. My life came tumbling down around me with the sudden news of my friend’s suicide.

I felt so lonely and I knew no one else going through this. Things needed to change so that’s when I started volunteering. YoungMinds is a leading mental health charity and aims to create further understanding of mental illness and better services for young people. I started volunteering for them as a youth activist specialising more in the media where I share my story through various outlets from TV to radio and newspaper.

Now volunteering for also The Mix and Time to Change I have grown my confidence, met other people who have lost people to suicide, spoken on Sky News and LBC just to name a few and done some work with the royal family. And have recently started fundraising, I love to give back to charities that have made a positive impact on me. So far I have raised money for the NSPCC by doing a 5K run. On the 13th May I am doing a 10 mile walk in memory of my friend, Shaun, with all money going to CLASP which is suicide prevention charity.

I don’t want anyone else to choose suicide as an option. I don’t want anyone to feel as alone as I did…..Go out there and make that positive change!

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3 thoughts on “Jessica’s story

  1. You are so strong to be able to speak up about your story in that way. I too have lost a friend to suicide and it is such a complicated mix of emotions to work through. I am glad you were able to find the comfort that you needed in volunteering – its a great outlet!

    Britt |


    1. Aw thank you so much for your kind words. Yes i still have my bad days but through volunteering i have met so many more people in the position that i am in and that really does help. Peer to peer support has really made such a positive impact on me, sharing my story with the media has only given me more confidence to go on to help even more people; i am only 19 years old so i have my whole life ahead of me to achieve more and my goal is to be a counsellor. Like i said above, volunteering has saved my life.

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      1. I love that your goal is to be a counsellor! You are going to be able to help so many people!


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