365 days of pure John

Every year, I give the world a treat… 365 days of pure John. Unless it’s a leap year of course.

John’s Road to Volunteering is a deep insight into my life, going through the ups and downs I may face, and the thoughts I have for changing the world.

All it takes in life is one person to inspire many, and John’s Road to Volunteering is doing exactly what I want. I don’t hide any aspect of my life, knowing someone out there will relate to my experiences.

I always aim for my story to be an outlet in showcasing the opportunity. What opportunity? The opportunity to share your story; an example of how everyone has a story to tell.

Telling my story, I cut the crap and I talk as I speak in person, regardless who I meet. There’s only one John Roy Victor Sennett on this planet and that guy who is doing what he loves. I love how every experience, thought and action I take, I learn more about myself. I learn more about myself, giving me an opportunity to reflect who I am on John’s Road to Volunteering.

Being real with your readers is a powerful message. I once was a shy guy who hid away from the world, and yet, I’m here. I was once a bullied teenager, and here I am speaking up about bullying. My mum battled cancer and she’s here with me giving back to the community. I’m here sharing my all access story to the world, hoping one person, somewhere in the world will be positively influenced by my journey.

Influence starts with influencing yourself!

When you believe in you, others will too. When you do something amazing, people will follow. When you volunteer, smiles appear. When I joke about my hair, people wish they had it!

I want to bring 365 days of…

J – Joy – I aim to bring joy to people’s lives. I want my smile to bring positivity to someone’s day. I want to bring joy to those who feel they’re on their own. I want to bring hope to people who feel they’ve hit the wall.

O – Optimism – I want people to feel what I feel. I want people to look forward to what I have coming up, especially when it comes to campaigning. I’m optimistic everyone in the blogging and volunteering worlds will achieve their goals. I’m your biggest cheerleader!

H – Honesty – Every post I write, I will be honest, even if that means being blunt. I won’t change who I am nor what I love just to please people. I will be John Roy Victor Sennett and I will share my story.

N – Nuttiness – I’m a bit out there at times. I love who I am and my personality. Being out there means I stand out, and being out there means you can feed off my energy. I can honestly say, a day out with me is never boring!

Yes, that’s me chasing a pigeon!

R – Realism – When times are tough, I’ll be real. I’ll be real when life is great too. Not everything in life is positive and we need to accept that. Along with my honesty, I’ll be real with you about how I’m feeling and how I’m planning to change the world. *cough* with your help *cough

O – Opportunities – I will keep providing opportunities for those who want their voice heard. I will keep opening John’s Road to Volunteering to the world, to share inspirational stories, to raise awareness and to collaborate with those who’d like the opportunity.

Y – Youthfulness – I will keep thinking I’m young. I’m a kid at heart, especially when it comes to hair jokes and dressing up for charity.

Thinking isn’t always helpful, but it is when I write my content

V – Vulnerability – Letting my vulnerability come to the front, I’m able to share some of the darkest moments of my life. I’ll put my heart and soul into each post, so you know it’s OK to open up. It’s OK to share the hard times.

I – Insight – Whatever brains I do have, I’ll share with you what I learn in my journey, what I experience and how to progress your blog.

C – Cheekiness – Phil Mitchell here! On another note, I’ll keep being my cheeky self, cracking jokes in twitter chats and taking the micky out of anything I can.

T – Thoughtfulness – Being there for someone is a selfless act. I will keep being thoughtful towards others and will send messages to people when they’re down.

O – Outrageous – I think this one speaks for itself.

R – Reliability – Continuing on from what I’m already doing, I’ll be a reliable source of information when it comes to my content, and in my conversations, I’ll be reliable to those who need/want someone to talk to. You have my back, I have yours.

I’ll always be there.

S – Soppiness – I love sharing the love and telling people they’re beautiful inside and out. It’s the truth after all.

E – Emotion – Content will be written with my emotion. Writing my emotion will make you emotional, so have the tissues at the ready.

N – Naughtiness – Anyone whose spoken to me in a Twitter chat knows this all to well?!

N – Normal – Haha! Who am I kidding? I’m not ‘normal’!

E – Energy – I’m aging relatively quick, so I best get my youthfulness out fast. I’ll put all of my energy into my volunteering journey and into the blog, as I want to keep being a role model for many of you.

T – Thankfulness – You guys are amazing! I’ll keep letting you know how thankful I am for all of your support, love and motivation.

T – Trouble – I’ll let you decide on this one…

No idea what I was doing in this picture!



One thought on “365 days of pure John

  1. Great post as always!! Loving the acrostic words you’ve done with your name and I look forward to the 365 days of them! I also like how your names begin with the same letters your blog title does (other than the to of course!) x

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


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