Community Champions Week 9

Week 9 of the most excitable project I’ve ran on John’s Road to Volunteering is here! Community Champions is surprising more people than ever and I’m currently working out how I can reach more people.

More and more people are joining the blogging world, and there’s more people who deserve recognition through simple actions, that make such a big difference.

Here are my ‘Community Champions’ this week..




Hey, I’m Envy, Dutch blogger and quite possibly the worst bio-writer on this side of the blogosphere. I write about street are, travelling, comic books and other weirdness. Basically, I’m that person who picks the topics no one else talks about and overexcitedly blogs about them. Occasionally, I take to Twitter to obsess over pizza and haunted places.

Reasons why Envy is my hero: What I love about Envy is she is herself, no matter someone’s opinion. I’m the same. When Envy and I chat, we both respect each other’s individuality, and we need more of this in the community. Envy inspires me to keep pushing my love for diversity, and because we’re both a little different in the blogosphere, we understand one another. Envy, thank you for letting me be me.





Hello, I’m Holly! I’m a full time management student with a part time manager position at McDonalds. My blog is very make up review based and I am utterly in love with lipstick❤️ hoping to make some more blog related buddies!

Reasons why Holly is my hero: Holly is a stunner. Having someone in my life whose always there to show their love for my blog makes me fill with a warm fuzzy feeling. Everyone needs a Holly in their life, and with Holly in mine, I can always count on a smile appearing when we chat.





With my blog I hope to inspire other people through my passion for fashion, beauty, film and writing. Although these superficial topics I hope I can inspire others to be individuals and bring out their confidence

Reasons why Cody is my hero: Cody is a bundle of joy. A bundle of joy who always brightens my day when we chat, and when I host a chat, she’s normally there. Cody is someone I truly believe will get recognised more in the blogosphere down to her warm personality, beautiful smile and the love she shows others.





I am Becca I am a young mum to Jake and that is who my blog revolves around.
My blog is a topic based on parenting, Jake’s milestones, how I’m coping as a single mum myself and some of the posts written are there for mothers to be, single mums like myself and It also feature’s an in sight to my life, My health and my mentality.

Reasons why Becca is my hero: Becca reminds me a lot of myself; a sweetheart, but is willing to bite if you annoy her! She always makes me laugh when we chat, and it’s the selfless act of being there for me, I always appreciate. Becca, you’re awesome. I wanted you to know that.





I’m Victoria, a 23 year old relatively new blogger from London. I’m an Occupational Therapist by day, helping people achieve their personal dreams and goals despite disability and/or illness, then by night, I try to work towards my own dream of blogging whenever I can! I tend to write beauty and lifestyle posts, but really want to expand to anything that inspires me and hopefully others. So far, I’m loving being part of such a lovely and encouraging blogging community! I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Reasons why Victoria is my hero: What I adore about Victoria is how unaware of the impact she’s made on me. Being a new blogger, it can take you a while to settle into the community, but we instantly clicked. Victoria is such a close friend, I’m not sure what my life would be like without her. She listens to me when I’m down, she asks how my day is and has been a bundle of joy to get to know. Victoria is a blessing and there’s a huge hug with your name on it!



They’re amazing, right? I think they are!

5 amazing ladies who’ve supported me in their own ways and have let me be me. One day, I’ll meet all of them to say thank you once more.

Thank you for not only being amazing supporters and more importantly friends, but for lighting up the JRTV community and my life!

Keep being awesome ladies!


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